The Chapel was built in the 1930s and plays a key role in the life of the school.  Ashdown is Christian school, but we do have children from other faiths and the services are ecumenical.

There is Wednesday Prayers, led by the Headmaster, and a service on Sunday when there are frequent visits from other preachers (often housemasters, registrars or heads of various public schools).
Music is an integral part of Chapel life and we are fortunate to have our own choir master as well as Director of Music.
We have an excellent choir who, as well as supporting the congregation with hymns, prepare and sing an anthem each week.  Children are also encouraged to read the Lesson from the lectern and will often write their own bidding prayers which they can read out during a service.

Parents are always welcome to join us for Sunday worship followed by coffee in the Library.

Following the closure of the local Roman Catholic church, a local Roman Catholic priest, Father Nicholas Leviseur, celebrates Mass in the school Chapel two or three times a term.