Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday, 16th January

Butler Cup - 1st Round
On Monday 4 children from Ashdown attended the first round of the Butler Cup. All the children played really well winning 7 out of 12 matches, putting us in 2nd position. Well done boys and keep going.  WK


Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Tuesday, 1st March

Chess Tournament at Cottesmore
I knew that chess was a slow game, requiring patience and thought, but never did I think that a chess tournament could last from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon!  The children only stopped to have lunch and all showed tremendous levels of patience and perseverance.

There were 16 schools present and it was the 39th Annual Chess Tournament hosted by Cottesmore.  The day consisted of each child playing six matches - six boards each.  Josh won two of his matches, Arseniy won three and drew one and Roland won ALL SIX BOARDS.

Roland's unbeaten streak meant that he joined an illustrious group of former winners, many of them going on to represent England.  Roland was awarded the winner's plate onto which his name will be engraved and we know that he will go on to much more success.

The Ashdown team was placed fifth overall which was a rather impressive performacne considering the strength of other teams present.  Well done boys on a fine display of chess and for being super company during the breaks between matches.  RS

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Chess v Brambletye and Copthorne

We travelled to our neighbours Brambletye for a triangular chess tournament on Tuesday afternoon. We drew our first match, 2 boards apiece against Copthorne and then lost to Brambletye 0-4. Caleb and Vlad won the games for Ashdown. Well done to Josh and Murray for giving it a go and making their opposition work hard for the win. The overall result was that we were placed third. A thrilling day was had by all.  RS

Butler Cup

Windlesham House hosted the final of the Butler Cup this year, which also happened to be the just-as-serious Butler Plate final too. This is a fiercely fought fight between the gentlemanly second division of the Prep School chess world. With Freddie Smith at the helm and some fresh new talent in the form of Xander Angelini-Hurll and Luke Massey on the lower boards, Ashdown put up a serious fight.

The real nail biter was on the second board where Callum Hynes has wantonly allowed his opponent to queen a pawn, but pulled off an exquisite turnaround by sacrificing his own queen for a sneaky backdoor checkmate. We ended the match with the same number of points as Windlesham A team, but the whimsical tie adjudication rules fell in our favour, and we walked away with the biggest cup in the room.  ML

Saturday, 02 May 2015

We were thrilled to hear that Roland came 2nd equal in the U11 Boys section of the De Lancey Junior Chess Megafinal on - given that two of his rivals are in the England U11 team, we all think he did superbly well. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In the second round of the Sussex Primary Cup, Ashdown were pitted against Great Walstead C team and Wivelsfield Primary school. Every game was closely fought and Roland Bourne came away with a full set of wins, but the competition was stiff and we did not make it through to the next round. Josh Schreiber, Myles Murphy and Arseniy Goryagin all won at least one of their games.  ML

Tuesday, 03 March 2015

Another year at the Cottesmore Chess Congress produced good results for Ashdown. The 1s and 2s were unable to come along because of the early exams this term, but we fielded a strong team of 3s boys: Josh S, Arseniy and Roland. Roland was seeded second and indeed came second, winning five out of his six matches. All our players won at least one game and lost at least one, so we felt the full gamut of the chess emotions throughout the day. Overall Ashdown were positioned 6th out of 24 teams, so the drive home was a happy one.  ML

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ashdown fared extremely well at the Brambletye Chess Tournament. In the opening heat we won all our games in two of our matches, pushing us into first place with a space in the finals. This was against Great Walstead, who played well against us, beating us on two boards and losing on the other two. The final score was a draw and there was no tie-breaker, so Great Walstead have taken the shield for the first half of the year and Ashdown will have it for next year's match.The results also count towards the Butler Cup, so we are expecting to do well on that front too.  ML