Cross Country

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Cross Country at Worth Abbey

U11 Girls:
Mimosa B - 10th
Beatrice Y - 18th
Lily B - 21st
India E - 24th
Katia F - 25th
Tabitha B - 26th

U11 Boys:
Harvey N - 13th
Miles H - 15th
Hunter E - 18th
George F - 27th
Will F - 28th

U13 Girls:
Zadie M - 19th
Tara P - 40th
Tracy W - 41st
Mary W - 43rd
Daisy W - 46th
Lucy L - 47th

U13 Boys:
Hamish H - 35th
Vlad N - 38th
Federico R - 42nd
Roca H - 46th
Sasha M - 49th
Alex R - 59th

Ashdown’s cross-country team arrived at Worth Abbey in high spirits, on what was a rather miserable Tuesday afternoon. All of the races were highly competitive, featuring a high quantity of quality runners. The children had to come to terms with a much longer course than they are used to (3.3-3.7km); and I am delighted to say that they coped brilliantly with the situation.

The first to compete were the U11 girls, and Mimosa was the first Ashdownian to cross the cross the finish line (10th). Beatrice finished closely behind Mimosa in 18th place, and all of our girls finished in very respectable positions. With roughly 60 runners per race, this was a top effort by Ashdown.

Next to race were the U11 boys, and Harvey crossed the line first for Ashdown, finishing in 13th place. Close behind Harvey were Miles (15th) and Hunter (18th). This was a tremendous effort by the U11 boys, who competed extremely well.

The U13 girls set off shortly after, and Zadie was our top runner (19th), followed by Tara (40th). The disparity between our top two runners in this race highlighted just how strong the other competitors were; and also how well Zadie ran on the day.

The final race of the day was that of the U13 boys. First to finish for Ashdown was Hamish (35th), followed by Vlad, who crossed the line in 38th position.

As previously mentioned, the toughness of both the course and the other competitors means that the results didn’t tell the true story of how well our runners ran. I was truly impressed that all of the Ashdown children-from the youngest to the eldest- not only completed the race, but completed it in style, with no complaining and a surplus of grit and resilience being showcased.

Well done to all involved.


Monday, 28 January 2019


Boys: Harvey N, George F-K, Hunter E, Miles H, Roca H-A, Sasha M, Alexander R and Vlad N.

Girls: Mimosa B, India E, Beatrice Y, Tabitha B, Tara P, Zadie M-A.

With the sun purring down on us, the Ashdown cross-country team arrived at Brambletye full of excitement and raring to go. Once we had settled into our surroundings, we were taken on a quick walk-through of the course before the juniors lined up for their race.

The junior race was very competitive, with some extremely strong runners competing for Ardingly (who were overall winners of the event). Despite competing against such classy runners, Mimosa managed to finish in second place, and Harvey managed to finish in third place. All of Ashdown’s junior runners represented the school in terrific fashion, with each Ashdown runner finishing in the first half of the positions.

Once the juniors’ race was over, it was time for the seniors to take to the track. The seniors’ race was equally competitive as the juniors’ race was, with Ashdown’s runners having to fight hard for their positions. Our top senior runners were Zadie, who managed to finish in seventh place; and also Vlad, who managed to finish in 14th place. Alexander Ralli, Tara and Roca also deserve a special mention because they ran to the point of absolute exhaustion, with this being the first cross-country event they had participated in.

Overall, Ashdown finished in fourth position (out of five). More importantly, all of the children involved put full effort into the event and represented our school terrifically.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Cross country at Cumnor House

Ashdown arrived at Cumnor House in great spirit on what was a glorious Friday afternoon. After a music-filled and exciting warm-up, first to take to the track were the U8s. Albert was first to finish for Ashdown, coming in 3rd place for his year group. Bertie, India and Andrey also ran very well for their year group, all finishing in the top 15 for their race.

The U9s race featured Katia as Ashdown’s fastest runner, finishing in 2nd place. Torsten, Rufus and Rafe also represented Ashdown very well, all giving their very best and finishing within the top 13 places.

In the U10s race, Harvey managed to finish in first place, having led the race from the start. Mimosa finished in 2nd place, and was beaten by a very strong runner from Ardingly. George and William both finished in the top 14 places, finishing their race in very strong fashion.

Harvey and Albie were awarded medals for their outstanding efforts. Overall, all of the children represented the school extremely well, and their behaviour was impeccable. The future for Ashdown’s cross country running is looking very bright indeed! Well done to all involved and thanks to the parents for their wonderful support.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Cross Country at Handcross Park

Overall, Ashdown House came fifth out of seven schools. 

U9s: Torsten was the first Ashdown runner past the finish line for the boys’ race (6th overall). Bailey came first place overall in her race, also setting a new record for the event (by two seconds). 

U11s: Harvey was the first Ashdown runner through for the boys (7th overall). Mimosa came first overall for the girls’ race, which was another terrific effort. 

U13s: Alex was the first Ashdown runner through for the boys (14th overall). Zadie was the first Ashdown girl through (13th overall). 

The U13 girls also deserve a special mention for running their race whilst torrential rain was pouring down. Well done everyone! 

Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Tuesday, 6th March

Worth Cross Country Meeting
After all the recent snow and cold weather it was great to have a sunny, pleasant afternoon.  Our team acquitted themselves very well.  Mimosa ran as an individual in the U11 girls' race and did extremely well to finish 6th.  Our U11 boys all did well and should be pleased with their performances:  Harvey 12th, Miles 16th, Hunter 20th, Huberto 23rd and Edward 24th.

In the U13 boys' race there was a field of approximately 70 runners.  Gonzalo 13th, Jack 21st, Charlie 29th, Javier 34th and Hamish 52nd.  It was a tough race, but all the boys put in a tremendous effort.  MH

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tuesday 30th January

Brambletye Cross Country Meeting

Today we went to the annual cross country event at Brambletye.  Teams of four runners were entered for each race.  Brambletye entered A and B teams, with Copthorne and Handcross Park also there.  Each race therefore had 20 runners.

The U11 boys’ and girls’ races were run at the same time, but with separate finishing positions for boys and girls.  Our runners produced a fine performance.  In the boys’ race Harvey finished 4th, Miles 5th, Huberto 7th and Hunter 12th.  In the girls’ race we had Mimosa 4th, Ana 8th, Bailey 9th and Cristina 10th.   Remarkable considering that Mimosa is U9 and Bailey U8!

In the U13 races, the highlight was a brilliant run by Jack to win the boys’ race.  Javier was 7th and Alexander 8th.  In the girls’ race Irene was 4th, Chloe 9th, Sarah 12th and Hannah 13th.

During match tea in the Sports Hall the results were announced.  The two junior races were combined to find an overall junior winner:  Copthorne 1st, Ashdown 2nd, Handcross Park 3rd.  In the senior races it was Brambletye A 1st, Ashdown 2nd and Copthorne 3rd.  And so to the overall result, which was desperately close ...

1st – 134   Ashdown
2nd – 135   Brambletye A
3rd – 136   Copthorne
4th – 165   Handcross Park

Congratulations to the whole Ashdown team on a superb performance!  MH

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Thursday 25th January

Cross Country at Great Walstead
Ashdown put in a gallant effort in the cross country on a sunny but chilly Thursday afternoon. The children were all in great spirits and and were ready to navigate the muddy and trecherous course. The U9s really shone on the day with Mimosa dominating the U9 girls' race, finishing first in her age group. Bailey rounded out the top 10, even after a tumble at the beginning of the race. Harvey also had an outstanding run and finished 2nd in a nail-biting U9 boys race. Torsten also had a brilliant run, speeding past competitors in the final 100m. In the U11s Huberto, Hunter and Ana deserve special mentions for their speedy runs. Finally, in the U13 age groups, Javier and Irene both had particularly strong runs. Well done to all the participants for persevering in some particularly muddy conditions! You made Ashdown proud!  AG

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday, November 13th

Handcross Park Cross Country Meeting

Ashdown House        4th out of 8
Ashdown took 24 runners to Handcross Park cross country competition. The day started well with Harvey coming 2nd in the U9 boys’ race followed by Torsten coming in 12th. Mimosa Barker then stole the show winning the U9 girls’ race with Bailey coming 4th as an U8, a great performance above her age. The U11 boys’ race followed and Miles was our fastest runner in this race coming 16th. The U11 girls were more successful as Ana came 11th and Felicity T 13th. Next the U13 boys’ race took place with Gonzalo coming in 11th.  Jack was not far behind in 14th place. The final race of the day was the U13 girls’ race which resulted in Irene finishing 9th in that race. Overall Ashdown finished 4th out of the 8 teams competing.  Well done everyone!  WB

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tuesday, 31st January

Brambletye Cross Country Meeting
Today we attended a terrific cross country meeting at Brambletye and our team gave an excellent account of themselves.  Five schools took part.  Each age-group entered two boys and two girls. 

The Junior race, over one mile, was run first.  This included all the U11 and U10 runners.  Mimosa produced a superb run to come fourth in the junior girls - not bad for an U8 running against U11s and U10s!  Chloe did well to finish 10th.  In the junior boys Hamish ran very well and finished strongly in 6th place, with Harvey just behind in 8th.
In the Seniors, over 1.6 miles, including all the U13 and U12 runners, the boys did extremely well: Theo 5th, Jack 6th, Javier 10th and Roland 11th.  In the girls Jemima ran a fantastic 7th and Sonia 9th. 

The scoring was done on a team basis with the following results:
Junior boys - 4th
Junior girls - 3rd
Senior boys - 2nd
Senior girls - 4th
Juniors overall - 4th
Seniors overall - 3rd
The overall result was very close:
1st - Handcross Park 148
2nd - Brambletye 153
3rd - Ashdown 158
Well done to all the runners who represented Ashdown.  MH