Saturday, 13 October 2018

Football V Brambletye

1stX1     Lost 1-3  (PM)

What a fantastic performance.  With the 2s still in France and five regular 1st team absences, we had a bit of a re-shape and some boys were able to make their debut and experience football at this top level.  We took the lead early on with a nice solo effort from Dahiru and looked to be keeping Brambletye out until they were awarded a penalty.  However, we went into the break at 1-1 and confidence was high.  Two fine finishes from Brambletye put the game beyond us and tired legs became a factor.  However, I couldn't have asked for more and am extremely proud with how they all played.  Remy made some wonderful saves on his goalkeeping debut and Jean (also making a debut) worked tirelessly down the right wing.  We were competitive and never gave up and this was certainly a performance to remember, although the result did not go our way.

Colts A   Lost 0-1 (JS)

What a thrilling game of football! Throughout the game, both teams had chances to score but neither could find the net early on. We pressed and pressed after not having a lot of possession but this soon had a negative effect in the second half. We were rapidly starting to get tired and relied on our keeper Daniel, who pulled off some excellent saves.

The game was coming to the end and with minutes to go, suddenly Brambletye fired into the net to go 1-0 up. We battled all the way to the end but couldn’t find any more opportunities.  Very pleased with the boys' performance today and all should be proud!

Colts B   Lost   0-7 (RC)

Colts C Lost  1-5   (JD)

U9 V1 Won 4-2  (TG) 

The under 9 boys travelled to Brambletye hoping to continue their progression and get that elusive victory. We started confidently not allowing Brambletye any room when they got the ball. As a result, Albie scored a wonderful counter attack goal (with his weaker foot!!). However, we lost our concentration and Brambletye replied immediately and scored a belting goal, leaving our goalie, Felix, no chance. The game meandered a little until Felix started to make some superb saves. This seemed to life our team and Albie managed to nudge the ball past their goalie for us to take the lead. With only a couple of minutes to half time the boys were looking to keep the lead, unfortunately they made a great break and drilled it past Felix. At half time we were confident that we could take the victory. We started the second half fantastically, all the team giving 150% and with Felix in goal we knew that we were safe, most of the time (when he wasn't looking at the birds of prey!!). Despite solid pressure from Brambletye, we held fast and after soaking it all up we managed to break with Torsten grabbing our third goal. By this point, Mr Gloster needed a sit down as did most of the supporters! Felix continued to shine in goal and frustrated the Brambletye boys. Then in the dying minutes we managed to sneak a 4th, giving Albie a well deserved hat trick! Overall, it was a privilege to see the progress the boys have made since the beginning of term and the smiles on their faces was worth the raised heart rate!! Awesome from all the boys who played and onto the next one with renewed confidence.'

Saturday, 06 October 2018


Football V Holmewood House

1st X1    Lost 1-2  

This was a much better performance and despite the conditions, we played some nice passing football.  We went into the break 1-0 down through a Holmewood penalty, but got right back at them with a super Dahiru equaliser through some nice inter-play with Martin.   We even had some chances to take the lead, but the finishing was not clinical enough and although Kieran put in some accurate corners, we seemed to shy away a little from heading the ball.  Once again a defensive error and lack of communication proved costly, but the overall performance was pleasing in a game which could have gone either way.

Colts A V11 Drew 2-2  

Ashdown were up against a strong Holmewood House side on this wet gloomy day. The match was a game of both halves with each team attacking in style. We let slip the first goal by a lack of concentration at the back. In the first half, we had at least four clear opportunities to score but couldn’t execute any of them. Wilf and Hunter were excellent at the back today defending solidly as a partnership and stopped many chances being created for Holmewood. Before he came off at half-time,Teddy had a outstanding game by performing brilliant ball control and eye-picking passes. 

Into the second half and we started to press a lot more as a team. With Miles and George on the wings providing width, I’d hope Harvey and Monty would try and play it in behind their defensive and I must say, they did a fabulous job. Harvey and Monty were very intelligent in timing this and also, making forward runs with the ball to create chances. With us now finally scoring to make the game 1-1, and the game closing in with torrential rain coming down, it looked like it was going to be a draw. Suddenly... the ball travelled through the air at high-speed and Hunter unfortunately miss-timing it and the striker was through on goal and buried it. 

With seconds to go we gave it one last push. Daniel very smartly played the ball out and we had to press forward. With outstanding teamwork, Harvey skipped past two defenders and launched the ball into the roof of the net to make it 2-2!!  Luckily for us, that was the last kick off the game! A well deserved draw. 

Well done chaps, best team performances so far. Keep it up!! 

Colts B V11 Lost 0-2 

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

2nd VI football vs St Christopher's

Ashdown House won 4 - 1

The 2ndVII played incredibly well against St Christopher’s. We started the game in a positive fashion and spent the first fifteen minutes in the opposition’s half. Our passing of the ball was fast and accurate and Jean and Martin linked well together up front. In defence, we were solid and any quick counter attack attempted by St Christopher’s was quickly snuffed out by Aanu and Kent. Despite having the lion’s share of the possession, we struggled to find the target with our shooting and the scores were level heading into half time.

The second half started much as the first had finished. The whole team were passing the ball well and we were camped in the opposition half once again. The boys continued to bombard the goal with shots but still the St Christopher’s keeper frustrated us. However, with less than fifteen minutes remaining on the clock, Jean burst through their defence and was one on one with the keeper, calmly slotting in our first goal.

Aanu played incredibly well and did not stop running throughout entire match. He was tackling in defence and running with the ball in attack. It was one of these swashbuckling runs that Aanu scored our second, a goal that he thoroughly deserved.

From the restart, the opposition saw our keeper off his line and went for a long range shot which unfortunately looped over Remy and found the back of the net. This didn’t dampen our spirits and we continued to attack. Jean scored two more goals in quick succession after some fantastic build up play from the whole team.

It was a great performance from the team and I am proud of the attitude they showed throughout the match. I look forward to seeing a repeat of this effort in our next game.


Wednesday, 03 October 2018

1st XI football vs St Christopher's 

Ashdown House lost 3 - 6

We are getting better with every performance and the boys were understandably frustrated after this match.  Having led 3-1 through fine finishes from Dahiru, Federico and Hamish, we allowed St. Christopher's back into the game to go into the break at 3-3.  What proved to be a fantastic start was not maintained and we ran out of a little steam and costly careless mistakes crept in.  However, this was by far their best performance and I am sure the boys feel that they should have got something out of the game.  No doubt, they will certainly pick themselves up and focus on the next game.

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

Colts C VII vs St Christopher's

Ashdown House lost 0 - 4

The Colts C faced a strong St. Christopher’s side on Wednesday, and we knew we would have to play very well for the result to go our way. Once Captain Demyan had organised his team, the game kicked off, and Ashdown were under pressure from the very first minute. Defenders were throwing themselves everywhere, with Paul clearing the ball off the pitch for four corners in a row at one point. Boris was awesome in goal once again, making an uncountable amount of saves. Our defending was strong, but the opposition’s attack was even stronger, meaning there was no let-up for the entire first half. Despite the offensive onslaught, we gained confidence as the half went on, with Harrison even making the occasional break into the opposition half. Despite our valiant defence, we went into half time losing 1-0. 

The second half followed a similar trend to the first, with our defence taking a peppering from the minute the whistle blew. We started to attack more, with Aidan and Anthony both making promising dribbles towards the opposition gaol before being tackled. As we attacked more, the spaces in our half started to open up, allowing St. Christopher’s more chance to score. Demyan and Etienne were tremendous at closing the gap down whenever St. Christopher’s had the ball; but this wasn’t enough. 

We tried our hardest, but in the end we lost 4-0. Unlucky boys. 

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

Colts B VII vs St Christopher's

Ashdown House lost 0 - 1

The Colts B had a close game against St Christopher's. Our defence was once again very solid and Kit had another great game in goal. Arty worked hard in midfield and tried to supply striker William with the killer pass but it didn't quite come off. Well done to all the boys for their effort. 


Wednesday, 03 October 2018

Colts A VII football vs St Christopher's

Lost 1 - 8

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

U9s football vs St Christopher's

Ashdown House lost 1 - 2

The Under 9s took on St Christopher's on a sunny October afternoon, with all of the boys taking part. We started well but were put under a lot of pressure by the St Christopher's players and conceded a superb goal despite valiant defending from all our players. For the next 15 minutes there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with chances falling to both sides. However, St Christopher's managed to sneak in their second goal. Meaning that we really had to push hard to get a result. We responded immediately through Charlie making a great run and finishing well. Meaning that we had 6 minutes to score one more. Sadly, we were unable to get the elusive goal and the game went to St Christopher's but myself and Mr H. De Moraville were very proud of the efforts everyone put in. Onto the next game against Skippers Hill.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Colts B football vs Sunningdale

Ashdown House lost 0 - 7

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Colts A VII football vs Sunningdale

Ashdown House lost 1 - 5

With hard work throughout the week and analysing our performances from last game, unfortunately we still fell short at the final hurdle. 
The game was very close in the first half with both sides attacking sharply but we just didn’t have our shooting boots on. Saying this, we did give them two cheap penalties which resulted to them scoring. 
On the day we were out played in every position. We are motivated to bounce back from this and to start fresh after the weekend break. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

2nd VI football vs Sunningdale 3rd VI 

Ashdown House drew 0 - 0

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

2nd VI football vs Sunningdale 2nd VI

Ashdown House lost 0 - 8

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Colts C football vs Sunningdale

Ashdown House lost 0 - 8

It was a splendidly sunny Wednesday afternoon when the Colts C embarked on a slightly less splendid journey to Sunningdale.  Ashdown took kick off and immediately regretted it, with Sunningdale slotting the ball into the goal within the first minute. Despite Paul and Demyan defending as if their lives depended on it, and Boris making numerous saves with just about every body part, Sunningdale managed to score two more early goals. 

With Captain Paul barking orders from the back, we managed to organise our defence and work diligently to prevent more goals from being conceded. Aidan and Anthony tried desperately to provide some attacking opportunities down the wing, and Etienne made some dramatic dribbles into the opposition half. Despite this encouraging offensive play, we weren’t able to penetrate Sunningdale’s defence, and we went into half-time losing 4-0. 

The second half continued in much the same fashion as the first: defenders throwing themselves all over the pitch and Boris making countless saves. Paul led by example, with his goal-line defending being something to marvel at. We had slightly more of the ball in the opposition’s half and Aidan and Anthony did all they could to try and make something from it. However, Sunningdale were simply too strong and our offensive play never came into fruition. Ashdown lost 8-0. 

Tough luck boys, you played much better than the score line would suggest. There is so much that we can take from this game.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

U9s football vs Sunningdale

Ashdown House lost 1 - 3, 1 - 3

With the sun shining, ALL of the Under 9 squad took on Sunningdale Under 9 As. We played 4 quarters in order for everyone to get a game. We started slowly with Sunningdale's skilful players dominating proceedings. For the first two quarters we defended stoutly and only conceded two goals. After the half time break, we started with a lot more vigour and Charlie powered through the Sunningdale defence and blasted the ball past the keeper! In the last quarter Sunningdale scored one more meaning we lost the game 3-1.

Despite the result the boys showed some brilliant grit and came away from the game proud, managing to stay in touch with a decent A side and everyone in the squad contributing something. A brilliant effort from all our boys! Well done and on to the next one!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

1st XI football vs Sunningdale

Ashdown House lost 2 - 6

Despite the scoreline, this was actually a creditable performance.  We were a little sluggish in the first half and a series of errors in a 5 minute spell saw us go into the break 3-0 down.  However, we scored first in the second half through a Federico free kick and shortly after this Dahiru hit the post.  When Federico added a second, it really looked like we were going to stage a wonderful comeback. 

We were the most competitive we have been thus far and I was pleased with the way the boys were a little more physical in the second half. However, some super goals from Sunningdale put the game beyond our reach with little time to spare.  We have shown that we can come from 3-0 down to dominate large parts of the game, but we must learn to see games off and give away fewer costly errors.

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