Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday, 12th November

Hockey v Cumnor House
1st VII             Lost 0-6     
The girls arrived at Cumnor expecting a tough opposition, and they definitely weren't wrong. The weather didn't make things any easier, with rain persisting throughout the match. Martha and Sonia were presented with very few attacking opportunities due to the solidity of our opposition's defence. Lily didn't stop running all day, having to defend alongside Jemima, and Airlie whilst we were pinned inside our own half for the majority of the match. Lexi did her best to dribble her way into the opposition's half, but all of our efforts were futile. The responsibility therefore fell to Esme in goal, who made a number  of terrific saves, preventing the scoreline from getting out of hand. Esme was named player of the match, and the final score was 6-0 to Cumnor.  WT  
2nd VII            Lost 0-6       
The 2nd VII came onto the pitch straight after the 1st VII were finished, and with the rain continuing to fall, it was much the same story for Ashdown. Cumnor's strength in depth resulted in our keeper, Maria, being tested throughout the match; again making a number of excellent saves. Alice and Eloise were forced to defend deep inside their own half from the word go. Once the ball got to the midfield, it was up to Felicity H, Georgie and Coro to try and provide Annabel with a decent chance upfront. The girls were slightly more successful than the 1st VII had been in terms of  creating chances; but we weren't able to convert any into goals. The midfield persisted until the final whistle, and Annabel came mightily close on a couple of occasions. As we had feared, the opposition were just too strong for us.  WT          

Under 11          Lost 0-5
The girls began rather slowly and lacking in their usual enthusiasm today. Rather than going for the tackle we backed off and we did not pass into space. Luckily Ines was on superb form and she saved and cleared many shots at goal. Alisa was also solid and determined in defence. We let in four goals in the first half at 7, 11, 15 and 19 minutes.
After a lively team talk we retook the field. In the second innings we were a different side. Precise in our passing, determined in our defence and willing to help each other out. We held Cumnor to a 0-0 draw until the dying seconds of the half when we were unlucky to concede a goal.  A good final half to our hockey season!
'Man' of the match Ines Morrison     PMc        
Under 10/9       Lost 0-11
It was a difficult match today for the under 10/9 team and one that was a challenge right from the start, having played a Colts team. The girls didn't give up even though the game was the hardest yet. They worked well in attack but just couldn't push through the defending players when they got in to the shooting circle. I would like to commend the whole team for not giving up and finishing with high-spirits! LP

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Wednesday, 9th November

Ardingly U13 Hockey Tournament
1st VII           4th in group         

Saturday, 05 November 2016

Saturday, 5th November
Hockey v Christ's Hospital
1st VII              Won 6-1   
Today we played Christ's Hospital B team - we were superb! I suspect we would have given their A team a run for their money. With only 90 seconds on the clock Sonia slotted away our first goal in efficient and deadly fashion. For the next few minutes we were constantly putting pressure on the opposition. So much so that we had two short corners in quick succession. Sadly we failed to capitalise on these two opportunities. Christ's took heart from this and made their attack off the back of the second one. We scrambled to regain our shape but too little, too late and Christ's had scored to equal in the 6th minute. However a great deep pass from Lily out wide to Sonia, with Lexi positioned in the perfect place to outwit the goalie, brought us our second goal in the 9th minute. Our pressure continued and in the 12th minute Sonia put away our third goal. In the dying seconds of the first half the combination of Lily and Lexi brought the ball near the D, Marta made a superb pass to Lexi who used a good turn of speed to race into the D and make the final and deadly shot. We went into half time 4-1 up.

The second half was more challenging and the goals seemed to have dried up. The ball made its way up and down the field. Felicity began to make some great defensive moves, Airlie began to show her hand and Esme made some good saves. Eventually the cream rose to the top and Sonia almost single handedly put away our 5th goal in the 15th minute. More pressure was applied and in the final minute a text book clearance by Lily, followed by a superb pass out wide from Lexi and a superb square pass across the D by Sonia allowed Marta to take her place on the score sheet for the day.
A superb afternoon's hockey from a talented bunch!
'Man' of the match Sonia   PMc     

2nd VII              Lost 0-5 
The girls played their hardest for their first game together as a team. With strong play in the middle of the field between Coro, Annabel  and kitty we had many attempts at goal however the ball just got away from us. At the other end our goal keeper Maria played exceptionally well saving many goals hit towards here with only the tricky and complicated ones passing through. Georgie and Adel helped a lot in defence. Also Alice who blocked the ball multiple times then bringing the ball down the field for the attackers. Overall the team worked together being their first game. With training and more games we will see the team improve over time.  AR             

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday, 19th October

Hockey v Lancing Prep Hove

1st VII Drew 1-1  

Under 11 Lost 0-3 
We worked hard in mid-field and defended very well. The problem was that when we got the ball forward, we held back and allowed a counter-attack. We still play in the middle and should try to work in pairs and send the ball wider. I would like to give Ines a mention for excellent goal-keepingand Annabel for relentless defence in the mid-field area  Well done ladies FN


Hockey v Vinehall
Under 10/9 Lost 0-1

I thought, overall, the girls played well today and Vinehall were a well matched opposition. For the majority of the game play was in the Ashdown attacking half, however the attacking team just couldn’t quite strike past a strong Vinehall defence. Vinehall scored their goal just before the end of the first half. They saw a gap in the Ashdown defence and managed to score with very little opposition. It was unlucky for the Ashdown team as they were very strong in defence for the rest of the match. All of the girls put their all into the match and have learnt that much more spreading out to use the whole pitch is vital to succeed in a game. This is something we will work on for up-coming matches. I thought Giada and Florence were particularly strong together in attack this week. They were always looking out for each other to pass to. In defence Tabitha, Mary and Felicity played very well as a team. Tara received girl of the match for her fantastic efforts which was well deserved. It was an unlucky result for Ashdown and one that the girls have certainly learnt from. LP


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday, 15th October

Hockey v Brambletye

1st VII          Lost 2-14
Under 11       Won 4-2
After a superb practice session yesterday the girls were totally focused and ready for a tough indoor match. The penalty shuffle practice really gave us an insight into how to beat a goalie and gave Ines really paid off - thank you Elizabeth for your hard work with these talented girls!  The practice on width meant that we used the entire sports hall to our advantage. We kept our feet away from the ball ensuring very few free or penalty passes to Brambletye and our heads over the ball.  Chloe and Kaoruko worked tirelessly in attack, Alisa and Tabitha cleared the ball superbly well in defence and Annabel and Issy linked the play beautifully in midfield. A superb and well-deserved result! Our goals were put away by Chloe 2, Annabel and Kaoruko 1 apiece.
'Man' of the match Chloe and Alisa.   PMc


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday, 12th October

Hockey 5-Team Tournament at Skippers Hill
1st VII             Winners                            

Hockey v Skippers Hill
Under 11          Won 7-1      
We played at home on grass against Skippers Hill B team today. It was a superb afternoon. Our girls were electric! We passed well, found space, kept our sticks down and our heads over the ball.  We played without goalies which allowed Ines a chance to play in the field. During the match every girl had a chance to play in defence, midfield and attack. Tabitha scored twice and Chloe and Coro once each in the first half. Skippers also slotted away a lovely goal.    In the second half our scorers were Chloe, Kitty and Alisa.
'Man' of the match The U11 Ashdown team!    PMc
Under 10/9       Won 3-0

The Under 10/9 team had another very successful match today. Each team played with 8 players on the field and didn't have a goal keeper.
In the first half Skippers Hill were strong in defence. The Ashdown team had many opportunities to score however Skippers Hill would steal the chance when play was in the shooting circle. Florence scored the first goal for Ashdown in the first half supported in attack by Mimosa and Indya. During the second half she scored again and then Kitty set up a brilliant goal with the last short hit into the goal played by Giada. They worked as an excellent attacking team. Felicity and Tara were strong in attack and defence throughout the game. Mary played out on the field today and showed her strengths as a defender alongside Tabitha and Isabella.
It was a well played game however I noted some things the team must work on too, including; keeping knees bent and sticks down, looking up before passing and shooting and spacing out. These are skills the girls will develop through practice and reminders as well as experience in matches.
Very well played today. Well done to the Ashdown Under 10/9 team! LP

Saturday, 08 October 2016

Saturday, 8th October

Hockey v  Holmewood House
1st VII               Drew 1-1  
This was a splendid match that ebbed and flowed. Both sides could rightly claim they 'could' have won- however a draw was probably a fair result.

From our point of view, though effort and passion were in ready supply, we had mental lapses that put us under pressure. Heath in goal made some super saves to keep us in the contest. Perez Pera once again got on the score sheet and was a threat all afternoon. Bland was probably our best player- she was resolute in defence and never took a backward step.

 Three games in and still undefeated. We will have to keep improving but I've no doubt we are capable.   GdeM  
Under 11            Drew 1-1     
This afternoon we had a lovely match in perfect hockey weather. The girls all played their hearts out. In the first half the defending was key as we gaged the run of the ball and the opposition. Tabitha ran the defence with a variety of helpers in the form of Coro, Eloise and Kitty. They only allowed a few balls to reach Ines. She saved all but one of these. Our attack and midfield took time to remember that width is important when passing. Therefore the ball spent the majority of its time travelling up and down the centre of the pitch during this half. Our one chance, a short corner, was sadly saved!
During the second half we played with good width and suddenly we were really in the game! Issy upped her work rate and began to make a difference. Chloe worked very hard as always and made some fabulous passes. Alisa was solid in the centre and Kaoruko received some super crosses one of which she slotted away! We had many chances in this half but the result was certainly the right one. A really positive draw!
'Man' of the match Chloe and Kaoruko    PMc    

Hockey v Brambletye
Under 10/9          Won 2-1
Just as we were about to begin today it suddenly poured heavily with rain! We started the match anyway and the rain soon went away. It did, however, make it trickier for the girls as the pitch became a little slippery. As a first match on grass it was a very impressive performance from both teams. We had a lot of support on the sideline this week which I think really helped boost the performance of some of the players.

Both teams played very well and had some strong players in both attack and defence. Florence and Felicity both scored a great goal each, with the help of Tara and Mimosa, also in attack. Brambletye were close to equalising the score but a swift scoop from Giada, just centimetres before the ball crossed the line, helped us to win the game. Isabella and Tabitha were alongside Giada in defence too. Isabella had a great game and was never afraid to get stuck in or go forward to tackle the opposing players. For me Tabitha has shown the greatest improvement over the season so far. She was so focused in the game today and hit some great passes in defence. Mary saved some great attempts at goals throughout the game, performing very well.
Going forward in training we will practice posture and positioning of the sticks. Quite often in the game the girls were standing straight with their sticks up rather than down and ready to defend. Otherwise a super afternoon and a great match to watch.   LP

Wednesday, 05 October 2016

Wednesday, 5th October

Worth U13 Hockey Tournament 1st VII                                          

U11 Hockey v Vinehall    Lost 0-3
The girls seemed a little on the back foot during the first half of this match, perhaps the long journey? We panicked each time we had made an interception and sent it straight back to one of the opposition. The looking up just prior to passing that they had achieved during the last match temporarily forgotten. We also played only down the centre of the pitch. Vinehall efficiently made use of these errors. We were much more efficient and tactically correct during the second half. We do need to up our work rate as we seem to do half the job but don't finish it. Ines made many spectacular saves and thus was my 'Man' of the match today! PMc


Hockey v Ardingly Under 10/9         Lost 0-1           
It was a great afternoon for hockey and we were welcomed back to Ardingly to face their under 10 D team. They were a well organised team and really pushed our girls through a fast pace game. Some of the Ashdown team played in new positions which they thoroughly enjoyed. Ardingly were using the open sides of the pitches well, which meant an exhausting game of running up and down for our attacking team. It was a well played game and Ashdown did all they could throughout. A well deserved win for Ardingly, the slightly stronger team. We learnt lots which can be implemented in future training sessions.  LP


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday, 28th September

Hockey v St Ronan's
Under 11  1st Match 2-0     2nd Match 1-1
Today we played two matches against St.Ronan's who mixed up their B&C teams and we played them back to back. We played on their 4 netball courts in a game that was a mixture of indoor (playing off the side-lines) and outdoor hockey. In order to keep the game flowing we had agreed to be very lenient when the ball met the feet.

The girls gave everything and showed how much they have already learned; keeping the sticks low; their heads over the ball and looking up briefly before passing
The matches were both extremely equal. In the first match Chloe managed to slot one away in the first half and Kaoruko in the second half. Everyone was instrumental in each successful attack. The defence was solid and Ines made a couple of good saves.

The second match was also a triumph.  Although we were playing a new team with fresh legs we managed to keep playing and kept a tight hold on the game. In the first half St.Ronan's scored a super goal. I switched Alisa to attack and Kaoruko to defence part way through this match; both played well in their new positions. In the second half Chloe scored again to draw the match.

Well done girls!   'Man' of the match Attack: Chloe, Defence:  Alisa  PMc

Under 10/9      Lost 0-1, Won 1-0
The girls had another great match day for hockey this week. The ability of both teams was very similar and all the girls learnt a lot. With a few new rules introduced over the past few training sessions they were able to put them into practice with a little coaching help from the St Ronan's umpire too. The girls greatly benefited from this and came away talking about what they had learnt.

The Ashdown team played two shorter matches against two mixed St Ronan's Under 10 B and C teams. In the first game St Ronan's were a little stronger, they had more shots at the goal than the Ashdown team as they really got stuck in when they were in the D.

During the second match the Ashdown attacking team really stepped up. Giada and Felicity were brought onto the attacking side during the final half of the game and they worked together to help Tara score a great goal against a very good goal keeper.
Mimosa, Kitty, Florence and Tara shared the attacking positions for most of the game and worked as a brilliant team. Giada, Tabitha, Indya, Isabella and Felicity shared the defending positions and were very strong together. Mary played her first game in goal. She was a brilliant goal keeper and learnt many things from the game. Indya and Felicity were awarded girl of the team for Ashdown over the two matches which was very well deserved by both.  LP

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday, 21st October

Hockey v Ardingly
Under 10/9        Won 2-0

It was a beautifully sunny afternoon and a very successful one for Ashdown, Over the past couple of weeks the girls have been learning basic hockey skills in preparation for their first match. They had only played two games in practice so that it could be decided which positions the girls would play. We took a team of ten and some of the girls rotated throughout the match.
Tara, Florence and Kitty were a spectacular trio. They worked very well together and quickly learnt the need for supporting each other and staying on the move. As a defending trio Indya, Felicity and Giada were fantastic. Felicity and Giada hit some powerful shots which really helped get the the ball back to the attacking players and Indya was never afraid to go in and get the ball. Mimosa played her first game in goal, it was a fairly quiet game for her, however when the ball did come her way she was always watching and ready.
Girl of the game went to Florence, who scored both of the goals with the support of the attacking players. This was truly deserved as she played superbly. Both teams played very well, it was a fast pace game and enjoyable to watch. It was a great afternoon and a super result for the first match of the season!  LP

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday, 21st October
Hockey v St Andrew's
1st VII              Drew 3-3   

Drew 3-3
May I start this report by apologising to my loyal readers for it's lateness. Such was the excitement of our tussle with St Andrew's, it has taken me three days to recover!
What a game it was. As opening fixtures go, this was a tough one. A long journey, a blazing hot day and up against a big school - not easy. The girls were sensational. Despite going a goal down early on, we fought back and played most of the hockey. After huffing and puffing for a good while, a super pass from Fleming unleashed the speedy Perez Pera, who finished expertly. Could we hold on until half time? Sadly not. We were caught on the counter attack and conceded with seconds left in the half.
Coach de Moraville produced a rallying half time team talk. The girls, clearly inspired, had fire in their eyes as they returned to the pitch to renew battle. We conceded a third goal moments later - great team talk!
At 1-3 down and lacking experience, our heads could have dropped; not these girls. We fired back and had chance after chance. Perez Pera slotted another and we were right back in it. A surging run from Moore down the right unleashed Munoz-Rojas, making her debut on a hockey pitch. She kept her composure and levelled the contest. We had chances to snatch it late on, but in truth, a draw was a fair result.
What a performance! Heath was an unsung hero in goal, making crucial saves at crucial times. Bland was resolute and immovable in defence. Moore was like a whippet down the right. Captain Burgoyne was a titan in the midfield, making important intervention after important intervention. Munoz-Rojas played brilliantly, especially considering she'd never played hockey before this term. On the left flank, Fleming was like a Jack Russell- constantly pestering. Perez Pera was lethal in front of goal. 

This side has the potential to be very exciting this season. The first step of our journey was a positive one. Roll on Wednesday!    GdeM  
Under 11         Lost 0-10
This game was rather a mismatch. However, our girls each gave of their very best at all times. Ines, our goalie, had plenty of practice. As the game continued her skills grew and she became braver and made a few good saves. Alisa defended as if her life depended on it and foiled several of St Andrew's attacking moves. Tabitha and Issy slowly grew in confidence and began to make some good defensive moves. Annabel made huge strides in her understanding of the game and managed to tackle and pass effectively when time allowed. Kaoruko worked well to defend from the attacking end, but did wander off her line in attack. Chloe, our captain and my girl of the match was tireless and played with good skills and intelligent attacking prowess. We only managed to get into St Andrew's half on three or four occasions, but did have two shots at goal.  PMc
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