Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday, 22nd November

Netball v Skiippers Hill

2nd VII    Won 17-9
The girls all played several positions during the course of this match. It was a wonderful way to see their strengths and weaknesses. 

Zene played GS, GK and WA, she was efficient and purposeful during the match; Chloe played GA, C and GD and was superb in each position; Alisa played WA, GA, GK and C, she was very determined; Adel played C, WA, GD and GA; she was excellent in all positions and her shooting was a revelation. Alice played WD, GD and GA; she marked extremely well.  Georgie played GD, C and GS and used her height to great effect; Hannah played GK and WD; her improvement during this game was a delight.  And Nina played GS, WD and WA; her hunger for the ball is wonderful.

A lovely game played in a sporting fashion.  ‘Man’ of the match Chloe.  PMc

Netball Quadrangular at Skippers Hill
Under 11           Winners            
A wonderful afternoon hosted by Skipper's Hill. We played three short matches and emerged undefeated to win the quadrangular.
v Bricklehurst Manor    Won 4-1 (Giada 3, Felicity 1)
Girl of the game: Clara
v The Mead          Won 6-2 (Giada 2, Felicity 4)
Girl of the game: Tara
v Skipper's Hill      Won 8-5 (Giada 6, Felicity 2)
Girl of the game: Giada
The U11 girls took a lot of confidence from this afternoon's quadrangular. They tried hard to put into practice all that they have learned this term and there were some delightful passages of play. Passing from Clara to Giada to Cristina to Felicity worked seamlessly and resulted in a number of goals. Giada and Felicity communicated well in the circle and Amalia fought tirelessly to intercept the ball in her role as goalkeeper. Tara controlled the game as centre and her experience brought a calming influence when we were under pressure. This team are very promising and we have an exciting term ahead!   VM
Netball v Handcross Park
Under 10/9        Drew 8-8       
It was a fantastic game played by the Ashdown and Handcross teams. Both teams worked so well together and made some superb interceptions and beautiful passes. The game was fast paced and exciting to watch. At the end of the second quarter Handcross were one point ahead so it was all to play for. The third quarter saw the teams drawing 7 all and, with one more goal each, the game came to a close at 8 all. The score really does reflect the action we saw from the side line. There were some strong players on both teams and the play was very much evenly shared. A very successful afternoon and a well deserved draw! LP

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Saturday, 18th November

Netball v Brambletye

U10/9/8     Won 9-6
An exciting and close game against Brambletye.  Both teams were evenly matched and the final score ultimately came down to Ashdown being more consistent in the shooting circle, particularly in the first quarter which saw us take a 3-0 lead with a hat-trick from Florence. Our opponents were feisty and their hunger for the ball is something for us to aspire to. What was clear from this match is that our junior girls are very versatile as in the final quarter, we swapped positions and coped well with different roles.  Tabitha scored three goals, Kitty scored one and well done to Flo for her five goals and 'girl of the game' nomination.   VM

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wednesday, 15th November

Netball v Copthorne
Under 10/9 A      Won 13-0
The under 10/9 team played their first match with me today. I hadn't seen them play this season so it was a great chance to see what they could do. I was very impressed by the way they worked together to get the ball into the shooting circle with superb fluency. They all tried really hard with excellent results. It was a tough match for the Copthorne girls but they had so much determination and I admired the way they didn't give up at any point. Tabitha received 'girl of the game' for the Ashdown team. She scored some excellent goals when attacking and made some superb interceptions when in defence. Very well deserved. LP

Wednesday, 08 November 2017

Wednesday, 8th November

Netball v Moira House
1st VII    Won 30-6
The girls played really positive netball today. Maria (our captain) played two quarters at GS. She began to look really comfortable in that position learning more about it as she played. She had a go at WA in the second quarter and played GD for the last quarter. She has much to offer the team. Felicity played GA for three quarters, she was superb. In the final quarter she played GK making many great interceptions and passed out well. Emma played two quarters at WA; she came out beautifully for the centre pass and fed accurately with speed into the circle. In the second quarter she played GS working well with Felicity. She had a go at C in the final quarter, linking the play well.

Andrea played C for three quarters; she learned the intricacies of this busy position during the match. Her spatial awareness is lovely and her passing generally accurate. She played GA in the final quarter and managed to shoot several goals. It was lovely to see her talent shine through. Nanaho played WD for three quarters; her hunger for the ball is a joy to see. She learned when to dodge and when to put herself into space for the second pass. She played WA in the final quarter making some good passes into the circle.
Georgie played GD for three quarters; she marked well for two dodges and then gave up. During the match she learned to stay on her player for the third dodge thus making a pass very difficult for the opposition. She played GS in the final quarter and here she began to show her versatility. Irene played GK for three quarters of the match; the difference in her play from early on in the season is a joy to behold. Her marking was superb and her footwork is much improved. She played WD for the final quarter, making good tip-offs.
All in all a match that showed how far we have come so far this term.
‘Man’ of the match Felicity      PMc
2nd VII     Lost 10-14    
Today's match was very well played by our girls. We played two 20 minute halves and in the first 15 minutes our girls managed to lead by 4 goals. This was largely due to our dynamic duo, Chloe and Sarah, both taking shots with lovely accuracy. Our attack was lethal and the girls intercepted the ball from the opposition left, right and centre.
Our attack started to falter slightly in the second half as the opposition's confidence grew. This, however, did not change our attitude. Our defence was amazing! Adel refused to give Moira House a chance once, constantly fighting for posession. Hannah used her height to her advantage and towered over the opposing goal shooter, fiercly defending our goal. Alisa and Alice formed a barricade between them, not allowing the ball to cross towards our goal. Carmen played very well alongside Mariana and Zene, putting in 100% effort at all times.
Although we lost, I can say that I am very proud of our team's amazing attitude. We definitely have some points that we can work on and improve for future games!   TR-

Netball v Cottesmore
U10/9      Won 8-2
In all by one quarter, this was a very even match but what a fantastic start to the netball season for this lovely group of keen sports players.
In the first quarter, Cottesmore dominated.  We found ourselves out of position, running wildly around the court and allowing our opponents far too much freedom.  Cottesmore had a number of opportunities to score but Mimosa worked tirelessly to retrieve the ball.  Despite the run of play, after ten minutes we led 1-0. 
After a team talk about marking and dodging, the girls really upped their competitiveness and it was as if we were watching a different team!  Indya and Ana tracked their opponents brilliantly and working neatly around the circle, Mary and Beatrice managed to retain possession to score four goals.
Some positional changes brought additional challenge into the game for our less experienced players but the girls coped well and we continued to advance our lead. Cottesmore improved in the second half but they were left with too much to do.
Four girls shared the shooting positions with Beatrice scoring three goals, Mimosa scoring three and Mary scoring two.  Tabitha played well and had a number of near misses.  Beatrice was nominated 'girl of the game'.  This was her first EVER EVER netball match! What an amazing achievement.   VM

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Saturday, 16th September
Netball v Brighton College
1st VII            Lost 17-20   
We used this match as a tool to determine how eight of the senior girls would cope at 1st team level netball and where they could each fit. Consequently there were many different positions played and therefore lots of combinations.  Maria played GK, GS and C she showed great promise in each position proving her all round skills.  Nanaho played GK, WD and C. She was slightly wild, but proved during the match that once we have honed her skills she could become a very useful player.  Alice played WD and GK. Her determination is commendable. She listened carefully to instructions and attempted to fulfil her roles.  Emma played GS and WA. She was neat, tidy and very efficient.  Felicity played GA and C. She was superb commanding the play and shooting with great accuracy.  Irene played GS and WA. She was a little out of her depth as she has only set foot on a netball court twice, but showed great promise for the future. Chloe played GS and GA. She gave a very impressive performance as by far the youngest in the team. Certainly one to watch.  Georgie remained at GD in order to give us some stability in defence. When on point she played extremely well although she was missing a little determination.

It is not easy to play when each quarter the positions are moved, but the girls held their own. We were two goals down at quarter time, five down at half time, six down at three quarter time and finally won the last quarter 7-4.

There is much to work on but plenty to work with. Well done girls.  PMc

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Friday, 17th March

Brighton College U11 tournament
v Copthorne lost 6-10
v Brighton College Prep A lost 7-2
v Great Walstead lost 2-9
v Lancing College won 6-0
v Broomwood Hall won 5-0
v St Christopher's won 6-1

The girls played their last netball matches of the season in the Brighton tournament today. In the first three games, the girls were seemingly under par, not playing to the standard we have grown accustomed to. They didn't seem as motivated or passionate about the game as they usually are. However, after their match with Great Walstead, it was as if the lights finally came on!  Their passion, motivation and agression came back in full swing! Alisa refused to let any opposition close to the ball, clinging on to it and passing it back to Ashdown attackers; Tabitha played brilliantly, marking the ball and preparing to catch the rebound every time; Chloe, our girl of the match, gracefully travelled across the court with ease, supporting her teammates and constantly making herself available; Kaoruko, in the centre position, played both defence and attack superbly. Issy, Felicity and Ines shared the position of wing defense and all three played as well as each other, intercepting balls at every turn and never giving their opposition a chance. Sarah shot goals with steady hands and perfect accuracy and Giada never left her position on the edge of the circle, constantly being available support.

If the girls had played their first three matches the same as they did the last, who knows what could've happened. In the end, Ashown U11 achieved 7th place overall. The girls didn't give up and showed amazing sportsmanship throughtout the tournament. Well done team, and looking forward to see how you progress as senior netball players next season.  T-RR

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Saturday, 11th March

Netball v Cottesmore
1st VII         Won 17 - 16
Today I had decided that we would play versatility against the Cottesmore team  whilst they stayed in their correct positions. I felt that this would be good preparation for the versatility tournament that we will be playing next week.

The girls were very excited by the prospect. The weather was glorious and the game was played in a superbly sporting fashion. It was fascinating to see their endeavours in each position and has given us much to work on prior to the tournament. A totally positive experience for both teams!   PMc     
2nd VII        Won 13 - 10 
It was a great afternoon for netball today and the girls were looking forward to playing. The Ashdown team got off to a slightly slower start losing the first quarter 1-4. They were good at gaining possession of the ball but often passed too quickly or too far and it was intercepted by Cottesmore. However, after a team talk, a few position changes and some fantastic effort from all of the players, they drew the second quarter, won the third quarter 4-0 and won the final quarter 5-3. Having not taken the second team before I was particularly impressed with their encouragement for each other. It was a tough match and they stayed positive throughout. Annabel, Mariana and Alice worked well as a team in defence. Emma, Esme and Zene warmed to their positions and became a strong attacking team, with Airlie linking the two and improving her the accuracy of the centre passes as the game went on. It was a fantastic game to watch and both teams really fought hard right until the final whistle. LP                     

U11             Won 20 - 19
In today's match, Ashdown fought hard for their win. Our opponents were equally matched in all ways and really made our girls work for the win.

Our defence was stronger than ever with Alisa, Tabitha and Ines fighting for the ball at every possible opportunity. Ines was available at all times for her team mates, helping pass the ball up the court to our powerfully shooting duo. Sarah and Chloe worked amazingly together, communicating subtly in order to pass the ball to each other, catch the rebound and shoot a goal with precision.

Our attack worked just as hard against their opponents and aimed to shoot a goal at every centre pass Ashdown had. Issy was a star, using her knowledge to seek empty spaces and intercepting the ball from our opponents. Kaoruko acted as a perfect link between the team and aided in both our attack and defense.

All the girls were player of the match because they worked in unison, had brilliant communication and did not once falter in their ability. They tried their best and succeeded!  T-RR

U10/9     Lost 8-12
In the warm Spring sunshine, the U10/9 team enjoyed a wonderfully competitive fixture against Cottesmore.  We started rather tentatively, dropping the ball a few too many times in the first quarter.  In the second quarter, some of our less experienced players struggled with the pace of the game and our passing didn't seem to flow down the court.  Cottesmore took advantage and surged ahead.  At half time, the score stood at 3-9.  We steadily improved throughout the second half.  Mary moved into goalkeeper and she played brilliantly, intercepting the ball and marking with determination.  Flo and Tara communicated very well in the circle and with each goal, they grew in confidence. Mimosa found some good spaces in the centre court and Giada was superb as centre. We dominated in the final quarter winning it 4-1 to bring the score closer.  Girl of the Game: Giada   VM



Wednesday, 08 March 2017

Wednesday, 8th March

SISNA U13 Netball Tournament
1st VII
Squad Lexi, Sonia, Jemima, Lily (Cpt), Felicity, Georgie, Maria, Emma
v Christ's Hospital Drew 5-5
v St Christopher's Lost 3-7
v Brighton College Lost 4-7
v Mayfield Won 6-4
v Roedean Lost 3-7
v Burgess Hill Lost 0-8
v Ardingly Won 8-7
The conditions today were grey, misty, drizzly and extremely windy. The girls began reasonably well except that it was almost impossible to shoot accurately at the start. We had more than 15 shots at goal in the first half of the first match, all of which were stolen by huge gusts of wind. We managed to catch up in the second half as we were out of the worst of the wind.

For the next few matches we played on the court but were not playing anything like our usual standard of netball. The schools that we played capitalised on this and beat us by more than we should have allowed. We definitely seemed to be very much on the back foot, both in attack and in defence.

In our last match we were 1-5 down at half time. As the second half began we seemed to come out of a dream and we played Ashdown Netball. We stole victory from the jaws of defeat in this match and were able to leave the tournament with our heads held high!
'Man' of the tournament Lily Moore


Wednesday, 08 March 2017

Wednesday, 8th March

Netball v Vinehall
2nd VII         Lost 5 - 24   
It was an uphill struggle for today's 2nd/3rd VII against Vinehall's 1st/2nd VII but I was proud of all eight girls for playing with such resilience.
Vinehall moved the ball very quickly down the court and we found ourselves a few steps behind every pass.  We did make some superb interceptions: Annabel, Alice and Zene did not give up throughout the forty minutes.  When Ashdown had possession, our attacking players found it hard to dodge free and as a result, we were frequently dispossessed but Esme scored two goals, Coro scored two and Mariana scored one. 
In the final quarter, Vinehall moved their players out of position and this allowed us back into the game a little but frankly, things descended into hysteria and so it was a relief when the final whistle blew.
Girls of the Game:  Zene and Annabel (which is an especially fantastic achievement as these girls stepped up from the 3rd VII today!)   VM  

U11              Won 24 - 3    
U10/9           Won 10 - 8

We had a quick 28 minute netball match against Vinehall today. It was a good match and overall the girls played well. In the first two quarters Ashdown beat Vinehall, however in the final two quarters Vinehall beat Ashdown. We were strong to start and towards the end of the game played a little too quickly, therefore passes were lost to the other team. We played all of our under 10, under 9 and under 8 girls today. It was a great opportunity for everyone to play and there were some strong players. For me, Kitty's performance stood out. She played very well and has improved a lot since joining the team. Giada received girl of the team which was well deserved after scoring some fantatsic goals. We are looking forward to our final netball match this weekend! LP


Friday, 03 March 2017

Friday, 3rd March

U13 Netball IAPS Regionals     = 7th
Squad  Lexi, Sonia, Jemima, Lily (Cpt), Felicity, Georgie, Maria, Nanaho
v Danes Hill Lost 4-6
v Cottesmore Won 8-1
v Handcross Park Won 6-3
v St.Michaels Won 7-4
v Edgeborough Lost 4-6
v West Hill Park Won 8-1
v Hazelwood Lost 5-7
We came 4th in our section. With one more win we would have been in the play-offs!
Goals For 42 Goals against 28.

We were unlucky not to secure a victory in two of the matches we lost, but that is the way of tournaments. Every player contributed well in all areas of the game. Our U12 defence, in particular, really grew as netballers. The attacking  players who were U13 led the way fantastically and encouraged their younger team mates beautifully. A real team effort. Our captain, Lily, linked the play superbly. Sonia and Lexi shot accurately and moved round the circle with purpose. Our section had 1st, 3rd and 4th placed teams in it. So a difficult section!

HUGE thanks to Tallia-Rume who looked after the girls single-handed for the entire day whilst I umpired every match that our girls did not play in.   PMc

Thursday, 2nd March

IAPS U11 Regional Netball Tournament

V Cumnor House Drew 2-2
V Great Walstead Won 3-1
V St Hilary's Lost 3-6
V Caterham Drew 2-2
V St. Christopher's Won 6-4
V Guildford High Lost 1-7

We came third in our section!
Knock out Game V Hazelwood Lost 2-11

This squad of girls can be so proud of their endeavours today! They played their hearts out and achieved some remarkable results.  The squad came third in their section and seventh overall!  This squad of girls can be so proud of their endeavours today! They played their hearts out and achieved some remarkable results, coming third in their section and seventh overall!
Sarah, Chloe, Felicity, Florence, Giada, Issy, Ines, Alisa, Tabitha; you were fantastic!

Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Wednesday, 1st March

Lancing College U13 Netball Tournament
1st VII          3rd  
Squad= Lexi, Sonia, Jemima, Lily (Cpt), Felicity, Georgie, Maria and Nanaho
v Belmont Won 9-0
v Lancing Prep Won 9-0
v Handcross Park Won 6-4
Sadly Prebendal did not show and so we could not play our final section match. However we were clear winners of our section. Our goal difference meant that we had a bye in the quarter-finals and went straight into the semi-finals, thus we had a very long gap prior to the play-offs.
Everything that went right for us in the match against Hurst in the Hurst tournament, went wrong in the semi-final today. Sadly this meant that we lost that match 5-6 rather than taking a win by a goal.
We went into the play-off for third place against Handcross Park and again Lady Luck had deserted us. However Lexi played the game of her life and popped in several important goals giving us a 4-2 victory.   PMc                         

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wednesday, 22nd February
Netball v Bede's
1st VII            Drew 11 - 11 
Having played superbly in our two sessions of netball since the break I was slightly disappointed in the way our game went today. The flow was interrupted by many basic errors such as stepping/ sliding, contact and arms before distance. Having said that the courts were slippery due to the drizzle and the wind was swirling due to storm Doris. We will be working on counteracting weather conditions and basic netball play over the last few sessions prior to the regionals. This was match we should have won.There were also many positives: our play around the circle was good, our passing was efficient and the shooting was good.  'Man' of the match Lily for fabulous linking play and Sonia for always finding space.  PMc     

2nd VII           Lost 1 - 18   
Today, the weather was not on our side. Both the Ashdown and Bede's teams struggled in the conditions. Ashdown played very well and definitely tried their best. I am proud of the effort they put into their game. Nanaho, Alice, Ksenia and Annabel defended extremely well and supported the team whenever they could. Adel made herself available at all costs and really helped move the ball down the court.

Our girls created many opportunities for potential shots, however the wind made it very difficult for Emma and Esme to get any goals. Even through the difficulties, our girls never gave up and their attitude remained positive the whole time.

The star player today was Ksenia for her absolute brilliant defending.   TR-R

Under 11         Drew 7 - 7          
In unfavourable conditions, this was a reasonable result for the U11s and most importantly, it was an opportunity for Giada and Felicity, two U10 players, to gel with the team prior to next week's IAPS Regionals.  With scores of 2-1, 0-3, 3-1 and 2-2, the third quarter was certainly our strongest and is perhaps an indication of how the team will look at Thursday's tournament.

Overall, today saw improved performances from Sarah in the shooting circle and Kaoruko as centre.  Sarah's movement around the post was neat and her communication with Chloe was clear.  She had no problem shaking off her opponent.  Kaoruko was disciplined and with the exception of a couple of wild passes, her delivery was accurate and she played with an exceptionally high level of energy.

All of the girls have made excellent progress.  Next week, they will have to maintain focus and train hard in preparation for their biggest stage yet. 
Girl of the Game: Kaoruko    VM

Under 10/9      Lost 0 - 5
It was a good game against Bede's today. The girls played well throughout the match and listened really well to coaching between each quarter. To begin with, play was slightly messy and both teams were passing all over the court, however as the game progressed they both really tightened their play and it was much better. The girls were playing in slightly different positions today which was a good experience for them. When we had the ball from the centre pass it very quickly went to the shooting circle, however with some very tall Bede's defence players it was tricky getting into a good position to shoot. It was an unlucky loss but a lot was learnt by all of the players. Tracy shone in this match, her performance has come on so much and her ability is continually growing. Florence received girl of the game for her resilience against a good opposition.  LP

Wednesday, 08 February 2017

Wednesday, 8th February

Netball v Christ's Hospital
1st VII            Won 26 - 10  
It was surprisingly chilly this afternoon and the girls appeared to be suffering from 'cold-hand syndrome.' Catching the ball cleanly was one of the biggest issues. Another was in the attacking circle where some great defence by GK and GD meant that Sonia and Lexi had to alter their style of play in order to get free. They struggled with it in the first quarter but after a quick chat at quarter time things began to flow more readily in the attacking circle. For once Lily had a similarly sized opponent; she is not used to playing against someone with such similar attributes to herself and this was a great match between two equally proficient girls. I was not surprised to see her fight her corner and come out on top! Jemima began by making her move too early, this she rectified for the last three quarters of the match! Felicity played the game of her life, picking up every loose ball and making some superb interceptions. Georgie was on great form and made life very difficult for the goal attack. Maria began to be more aware of her role at GK and kept control of the circle. 'Man' of the match Sonia and Felicity.  PMc   
2nd VII           Lost 8 - 17    
Another difficult match for the Ashdown girls today, however their perseverence never faltered. The first half was difficult and the opposition were definitely on top. They were not getting away easily though because Ksenia, Nanaho and Alice played their defending positions superbly. It was an evenly matched game where both teams had similar strengths and weaknesses.

In the second half, the girls playing became stronger. Airlie started communicating with team-mates to trick the opposition and our shooters (Esme and Emma) were making the most of every opportunity. The dynamic duo came up with strategies that helped them pass the ball in tight quarters and attempt as many shots as possible.

Girl of the match today was Esme for her brilliant aim and use of strategy to aquire the ball. T-RR

Netball v St Andrew's
3rd VII            Won 22 - 5 
This was a convincing win for the 3rd VII girls and ultimately an exercise in versatility with positional changes in every quarter. In the first quarter, we surged ahead 8-0 and after 20 minutes, we led 14-0.  In the second half, Alisa played for St Andrew's and this gave them some added strength in the centre third.  After three quarters we led 17-0.  In the final quarter, Mariana and Chloe were challenged to defend in St Andrew's circle and lack of experience, combined with a lack height, gave our opponents the space that they needed in order to score.

Our shooting was superbly accurate this afternoon.  Coro scored six goals, Mariana scored five, Sarah and Eloise each scored four and Chloe scored three.  Well done to all of the girls for superb sportsmanship and an excellent result.  VM

U10/9             Won 10 - 5
We had a lovely match against St Andrew's this afternoon. It was a great opportunity for some of our younger players to learn a little more about netball as they played three quarters of the match. It had a really steady pace and there were some great passes and interceptions from both teams. Florence received girl of the match for the Ashdown team for her hard work as centre and the two goals she scored. The other eight goals were scored by Tabitha and Giada, with four goals each. I also thought Kitty played particularly well today. She was always looking for a space and she gave of her best playing wing attack and goal attack.

An excellent game today and one that was a good learning curve for many of the girls too.  LP

Saturday, 04 February 2017

Saturday, 4th February

Netball v Brambletye
1st VII            Lost 19 - 26    
In today's match the girls played well, but not up to their usual standard. A few passes went astray when a simple pass was all that was required. A few shots that normally would have found their mark were missed and our marking was not quite as tight as it can be. Brambletye capitalised on these errors and that made all the difference.
Having said that it was good to see Lexi diving out of the circle when required and making some lovely passes in to Sonia. Sonia was frequently double marked and outwitted both opponents. Jemima made some superb dodges for the centre pass in the second half of the match, leaving her opponent standing. Lily, always free and making fantastic interceptions with her incredible timing. Felicity made an art form out of being available for a square pass. Georgie made many interceptions and then made her pass count and Maria began to stick closely to her goal shooter. Many positive things were accomplished.
'Man' of the match Lily   PMc 

2nd VII           Lost 8 - 25 
This match was a struggle for our girls, however their spirits throughout were never dampened. They played strongly throughout the entire game and showed the same determination and effort as they have in previous matches.

Brambletye had strong players marking Ashdown, many taller and faster than us. This urged the girls to rely in strategic tactics and not purely on their physical abilities. Nanaho was brilliantly tricking opponents into thinking she was going one direction and then doing something completely different. She was dodging her opponent at every opportunity to keep the ball with her team.

Emma also played amazingly, always fighting for a chance to have the ball and shooting with precision to gain goals for our team. Ksenia used her height to her advantage and stretched to her limit to make it difficult for Brambletye to shoot goals.

Although we lost, the girls learned how to turn a difficult situation into something positive, using it to their advantage. After the game they showed amazing sportsmanship, praising the opposition on their skills and calling out key players that they thought played especially well. I am proud of how the girls played and their attitude after the game.

Star players were definitely Emma and Nanaho!  T-RR

3rd VII            Drew 8 - 8 
The 3rd VII were disappointed to miss out on a victory this afternoon as they led 8-6 until the final two minutes but a draw is perhaps a fairer reflection of the performance.

Ashdown had two main areas of strength.  Marianna's excellent shooting was a real asset and, although her dodging was a little half hearted at times, when in possession of the ball, she converted every opportunity.  In defence, Annabel and Zene were unstoppable, seizing rebounds and intercepting passes with ease. 

To improve, the 3rd VII must try to mark their opponents more closely. They must also be more bold when competing for the ball.  VM

U11                Lost 3 - 12    
The score in this match was not a reflection of how the girls played. It makes it seem as though it was fairly one sided, however this was not the case. We had plenty of opportunities to shoot but just couldn't quite get the ball in the net. The Brambletye team were also quick to respond to rebounded balls which meant opportunities were quickly lost.

The Ashdown team worked well together and their main strengths showed when, as a team, they passed the ball in a direct route towards their goal. The girls should now ensure when passing the ball they take the time to see that their team members are ready to receive the ball so that possession is not lost.

It was a good game to watch and one that strengths could be seen as well as areas for development. LP
U10/9             Lost 2 - 6, Lost 4 - 8
v U10 Brambletye
This was a low scoring match, with both teams struggling to score due to the excellent defence. By the first quarter the Ashdown girls were down 0-4, however they quickly adjusted to the talented defence during the second quarter, bringing the score to 2-4. Tracy and Felicity worked well together in their goal defence positions to only allow the Brambletye girls to score two more goals during the remainder of the match. The girls marked beautifully, and played together as a team to come back for the first quarter! ‘Girls of the match’ today are Mary and Felicity.
v U9 Brambletye
This was a fantastic match against the U9 Brambletye team in which the Ashdown girls worked together and quickly adjusted to the height of their opponents. The first quarter saw a 3-0 Brambletye lead, however the girls managed to bring the score to 5-3 during the second quarter, with their quick passing, combined with excellent rebounding from Felicity. During the remainder quarters the girls continued to play well till the final whistle.  Giada played beautifully scoring all four goals, and using good foot work to move quickly around the court. Isabella and Kitty, also played well and made some great intercepts!
 All the girls should be so proud of their efforts! Giada was named 'Girl of the match’. TP

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