Wednesday, 01 February 2017

Wednesday, February 1st

Netball v St Christopher's
1st VII          Lost 18 - 24  
This was a tight match which we held our own in during the first two quarters, 5-6 and 7-7. We struggled with the physicality and extremely good marking from the St. Christopher's side. By the third quarter our girls were flagging with the pressure that we were under to make our passes count. This brought about a loss of shape and we went down 2-5 in that quarter. We picked ourselves up in the final quarter and got back into the match even though it was a loss of 4-6. In our next session we need to work on ensuring that the square player is in the correct position to give other passing options.
'Man' of the match Lexi for her determination   PMc      

2nd VII         Lost 10 - 12   
A match, a battle or a brawl?!  I'm not entirely sure how best to describe this afternoon's 2nd VII fixture but whatever the conclusion, the girls can be extremely proud of the result. Each quarter was closely fought; 3-4, 6-6, 9-8 and 10-12, the final breakdown. St Christopher's played a very physical game and even though some of our girls felt aggrieved by the level of contact, this actually worked to our advantage as a number of penalties were awarded to Ashdown, particularity in our attacking third.  I also welcomed the dynamic pace set by our opponents as it resulted in a more fiesty and competitive 2nd VII. In the final minutes of the game, it seemed as if the result would be an 11-11 draw but a missed opportunity gave St Christopher's a lead and they were deserving winners.

Ksenia is growing in confidence as a netballer and today, she put her long reach to good use in goalkeeping. Her movement around the circle was well considered and she intercepted a number of deliveries. Now she must make sure that her passes out of the circle are as accurate.

Nanaho is a spirited player and like Ksenia, she worked hard to disrupt St Christopher's attack. She too is still working to achieve an accurate chest pass as she had a tendency to pass too low this afternoon.

Alice found some great spaces down the line and she reads the game very well. She must make sure to keep up with her opponent in the centre third.

Adel is naturally skilled but her confidence can be low. She asked to be subbed off as she was finding her opponent to be a tough contest but she was actually nominated 'girl of the game' which shows just how different her perceptions are to reality!

Airlie and Coro brought accuracy to the attacking third with neat passing and careful dodging.  They were a calming influence.

Emma was a reliable shot today, scoring ten goals out of thirteen attempts. She required a huge amount of determination against her powerful opponent but after some gentle reassurance, she played with renewed perseverance.  

Esme took a little while to warm up today but some shooting practice at half time saw her go on to score two crucial goals. She grew more bold as the game progressed and she communicated well with Emma.

It was such a delight to work with this eight and I am little disappointed that they lost out on a victory by such a narrow margin as they played brilliantly.  Onwards and upwards! VM    
U11              Won 19 - 9   
The girls seemed to listen when it was suggested that they pretended that the first quarter was the only quarter. This was designed to help them in tournaments and overcome previous matches which were lost in the first six minutes. They were fabulous - driven, focused and enthusiastic for the ball. Sarah shot goals cleanly: five in the first quarter, and Chloe was also effective with four in the first quarter alone. St Christopher's improved and began to leap and intercept in a style to be copied in future. Old habits die hard and a there were a few moments when the girls ran from side to side, not finding space but when we began to intercept and pass the ball at pace to players running into space, it was a dream to watch. Issy was particularly good at getting in a position to receive the ball. Alisa and Tabitha intercepted well; Kaoruko and Chloe linked up and were there to grab any rebounds; Ines had an extraordinary shot at goal that bounced off a basketball ring and plopped into the net. It was allowed! It was good fun, played in excellent spirit on both sides and we are all very happy.  FN     

U10/9           Won 23 - 20
This match was a truly exciting match with such a close result and so many goals scored by both teams.  At the end of each quarter Ashdown were leading the match however at the beginning of the second and third quarter St Christopher's fought back to take the lead.

Giada had a brilliant game as goal attack and scored 17 of the goals. Tabitha scored the remaining 6 which is fantastic as this is a new position for her. Tara and Mimosa shared wing attack. Tara always looked ahead for spaces and Mimosa became quicker at the starting whistle which meant she caught every centre pass sent her way in the final quarter. Florence played a superb game as centre. She gave it her all and really thought about her position when marking. Kitty, Isabella and Indya shared the position of wing defence. Kitty had a good game, successfully receiving and passing each ball she was thrown. Isabella gained more experience as a defender and was much better at staying with the person she was marking. Indya really thought about where she needed to be to receive the ball and made some good dodges. It was great to have Felicity back in goal defence. She was an asset to the defending team, using height and speed to her advantage. Mary and Tracy shared the position of goal keeper. Mary was particularly strong this week, catching many of the rebounds from under the goal. Tracy played well and enjoyed her first match with the Ashdown under 10/9 team.
I was very proud of the team. They played thoughtfully together on the court and listened to each other during talks off the court. Very well done.  LP


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wednesday, 25th January

Hurst U13 Netball Tournament
Section Matches
v Lingfield Notre Dame Won B 7-2
v Handcross Park Won 17-1
v Cumnor House Won 10-2
v Hurst U12 Won 7-4
v Windlesham Lost 6-11
This placed us 2nd in our section so we played the first placed team in the other section in the semi-final.
Semi-Final v Hurst U13 Won 10-8
Final v Windlesham Won 9-7

The girls were quite incredible in the first four matches today. In the last match of the section they began well getting a 3 goal lead. Windlesham were fast and used superb long passes which almost always found their mark. This sent waves of panic through Ashdown who began to attempt the same style of play. In panic mode we lost our shape and everything went wrong. Windlesham capitalised on our mistakes. This led to the first loss of the day and placed us in second in our section.

We had time for a talk prior to our semi-final match against Hurst. I carefully explained that we needed to play our own style from the beginning to the end of each subsequent match and to forget anything that had gone before. The girls dug deep and took the match by two goals. In the final we replayed the tall and athletic girls from Windlesham. The same instructions were reiterated with a strong emphasis being placed on remaining calm and allowing themselves time, plus to keep possession once gained, until a shot had been executed. They listened carefully and did just that!

An extremely proud coach was delighted to watch them at the very top of their game!

Netball v Copthorne
U10/9           Won 10-6   

The girls played very well throughout the match today and Indya and Mimosa, both U8 players, really shone too. During the first half the girls played in positions they knew well, but we decided to change the positions during the second half, which gave the girls experience in new positions. Mimosa began to realise how fast she needed to be playing as centre. She kept up well with her opponent and often made some great interceptions. Giada and Tara worked very well in the first half to score the goals.

Overall it was a fast paced game. Each team had many shots at goal so with more accurate shooting there could have been more goals. They were fairly well matched teams and fought hard throughout the game.  LP


Saturday, 21 January 2017

21st January 2017

Netball v Holmewood House
1st VII            Lost 20 - 34   
This was a game of four distinct quarters!  In the first quarter we were a little tentative in our play and thus allowed Holmewood some relatively easy interceptions. Once the opposition had the ball it was an almost certain goal due to their efficiency and their height in the circle. Lost 3-10.  After a quick team talk we returned to the court with a different mind-set and, with slick passing, kept possession and scored on all our centre passes. Lost 4-5.  Complacency set in and we kept attempting the same plays in the third quarter rather than altering occasionally. Holmewood were on fire and we lost the quarter 5-13
With more explanation of how to make the best of our skills we retook the court for the fourth quarter. We were electric! We marked well, passed beautifully and shot with precision and speed. Thus we won the last quarter 9-7.  A great learning experience!  ‘Man’ of the match Lexi for her driving and shooting.  PMc     
2nd VII           Lost 13 - 15
Today’s game was definitely the toughest match the girls have had to play. Compared to Holmewood, our girls were much smaller and had trouble defending against their opponents. It was a very close game in the first quarter, with Ashdown in the lead. This was because the girls took note of their disadvantages and worked around them. They strategically travelled the ball to their side by passing low and dodging their players. This was particularly difficult for Nanaho as her opponent was at least twice her height. However, she played goal defence brilliantly, catching the rebound whenever she could.
The next two quarters were where Ashdown started to feel the struggle. Unlike the past two games, the girls had to work harder at passing the ball between the team, on many accounts, barely reaching the ball before their opponents. Before the last quarter, the girls decided on their own that their play wasn’t working and they needed a new strategy. They came up with cryptic clues between them to decide who each pass would go to. The game was turned upside down! Coming into the last quarter with a losing score of 6-13, Ashdown played as hard as ever to make their come back. It was amazing! The girls scored again and again, barely giving Holmewood time to react.

Girls of the match were Ksenia for guarding the opposing goal shooter with ease and Nanaho, who strategized to get around her challenges. Very proud of our girls!  T-RR           

Under 11         Lost 6 - 18  
Under 10/9      Lost 6 - 9

It was a tougher match today against the Holmewood team. The girls got stronger as the game went on which was evident in the goals scored. In the first quarter the score was 3-0 to Holmewood, the second quarter was 1-0 to Ashdown, the third quarter was 4-3 to Holmewood and the final quarter was 2-2.
Giada played very well scoring all six goals. She used her height to make interceptions and was always looking for a space. Florence worked very hard against a good centre, she was kept on her toes and intercepted at every opportunity. Isabella played for two quarters and made her first interception which was fantastic. Tabitha got better as the game went on, she became more focused and tried to regain possession of the ball on many occasions in the shooting circle. Mimosa had another great game as goal defence. She was often seen jumping to try and catch the ball. Tara really helped get the ball in to the shooting circle and worked well with Giada to get the ball to a good shooting position. Kitty also played for two quarters. She really thought about her marking today and made some good improvements. Finally Mary looked for spaces and was often in a good position to catch the ball. I think all the girls showed progress today whether that be individually or working with a team member. A good score for a tough match.   LP


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wednesday, 18th January

Netball v Skippers Hill
2nd VII           Won 14 - 8   
Another fantastic match for our Ashdown girls today on our first away game of the season. Faced with equally talented opponents, the team worked well together and brought home another success.
The first quarter was particularly challenging today, where the girls struggled with the height of their opponents. However, they used this to their advantage, passing low with speed and practising effective communication in order to travel the ball up the court and make as many goals as they could. During the game, Georgie and Alice proved to be brilliant players in their defence positions. They played strongly and retrieved the ball from their opponents on multiple occasions.

Emma and Marta played brilliantly, taking every opportunity to aim and shoot. Annabel made the game that much more difficult for the opposition, using her height and stretching to retrieve every rebound from their attempted goal shots. The team communicated beautifully through their actions today, in order to confuse the opposition and gained a well-deserved win!  Girl of the game today is Georgie.   T-RR
U11               Lost 7 - 10               
This was a close contest where we sadly came second losing 7-10.They scored more than us in only the first quarter but the telling statistic is that we had a dozen more shots at goal than Skippers Hill.

Sarah, Chloe and Ines all scored goals and also worked hard to defend. Alisa was outstanding again in defence and secured many interceptions. Issy and Tabitha improved their marking throughout the match and by the third quarter, Ashdown marked every player and made life extremely tricky for the opposition, only allowing one goal to be scored. Kaoruko was everywhere, linking the defence players with the attacking players as she should. They all played well and were unlucky on the day. Well done. FN

U10/9            Won 14 - 12

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Saturday, 14th January

Netball v Cottesmore
1st VII Won 24-10
The first run out of this term was extremely positive. The girls always looked to be available and made the majority of their passes count. It was very chilly, but the warm-up in the Barn prior to the match meant that they were ready from the first whistle. During the initial quarter we looked slick. As hands became increasingly cold over the course of the match, the catching of the ball became slightly less clean and the passing a little less accurate.

Sonia and Lexi's overheads worked beautifully, but need to be used a little more sparingly. Jemima fed the circle accurately, but on occasions began her move into space a little early. Felicity intercepted fantastically well and always found space. Marta defended with purpose but now needs to pass with more determination to ensure that her pass reaches its required destination. Georgie played the game of her life getting many tip offs and several clean interceptions. Maria marked her opponent closely and picked up every loose ball. My 'man' of the match Lily was always free and every pass was made cleanly.  A super first game of the term!  PMc

2nd VII  Won 18-9
Today was the first match of the term and the girls played amazingly. Each goal scored was aimed with precision by both Alice and Emma, almost scoring every time. Our centre, Adel was available at any moment to support the team, skilfully dodging all her opponents and constantly working well with Zene. The first half passed with the core standing at 6-3, Ashdown in the lead. The girls struggled in the 3rd quarter but bounced back quickly at the end.

Eloise had a strong game, avoiding the opposition from gaining the ball but had the fight of her life against her opponent. Coro, Kitty and Mariana practised their special awareness and played strategically in order to do their best and support the team. Annabel used her height to her advantage and effectively grabbed the ball from the opposition whenever she could. Overall, the team worked magnificently together, communicating well and implementing techniques that worked to everyone’s advantage
Girl of the game today was definitely Adel, being available for support at all times. T-RR

Under 11           Won 7 - 6  
A very cold and wet afternoon was not the ideal day for a netball match, however the girls were in good spirits on arrival and put a lot of effort into the game. They started off very well and were strong in both attack and defence. They were good at marking and kept the other team on their toes. Tabitha and Alisa bought quality to the defending team and intercepted the ball on many occasions. Kaoruko and Chloe worked well in the attacking half to get the ball to Ines who, along with Chloe, scored some fantastic goals. At times, in the shooting circle, play was a little messy and opportunities were not always made the most of. Sarah was an excellent wing attack often jumping to receive or intercept the ball and Issy played well in defence finding free spaces to receive the ball on a few occasions. Overall the girls played well, and I feel were the stronger team, so it was a well earned win (and the first of the season)! Alisa received girl of the game for the Ashdown team. This was truly deserved after a strong performance.  LP
Under 10/9        Lost 3 - 11  
In the biting cold, the U10 girls worked tirelessly for all four quarters but this was definitely a game of two halves!

We lost the first half 1-8. Giada and Florence made some excellent interceptions but everyone was guilty of sloppy passing and so those interceptions were wasted and Cottesmore found it all too easy to dominate. Felicity found some good spaces but she lacked support and had few options in the attacking third.

By the third quarter, Ashdown looked much more comfortable. Tabitha started to mark the goalkeeper more assertively which put pressure on our opponents and Mary found some good spaces which allowed Felicity to position herself nearer the goal. We were only narrowly defeated in the second half, 2-3. 

Giada was nominated 'Girl of the Game' and Florence was commended by Mr Rogerson, Cottesmore's headmaster.  VM


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wednesday, 30th November

Netball v Holmewood House
1st VII               Lost 20-27       
The girls played extremely well today to remain within touching distance of Holmewood's 1st team. If height were not a big factor when two teams are of equal ability, then the score would have been equal or we could have taken the win.

In the shooting circle Georgie and Maria did everything possible, but they had no chance of getting the rebound as both were 5 inches shorter than their opponents.
In the centre court, where height is less of an issue, we kept the ball flowing beautifully. There was a great battle between Felicity and her opponent. Lily. our resident terrier was always free, using her incredible spatial awareness. Jemima, who was half the height of her player, was able to outwit her at every turn. Sonia had the fight of her life against a superb opponent; she needs to remember that if a move has not worked three times, it is time to alter her play. Lexi came out of the circle beautifully to make space, but found her overhead pass difficult to make.

We were down 4-7 at the end of the 1st quarter; drew the 2nd quarter 6-6; lost the third 4-7; lost the 4th 6-7. A superb result overall.

'Man' of the match Jemima for her bravery and spatial awareness!  PMc

2nd VII              Lost 1-23  
The girls had a very difficult match today against Holmewood House. Within the first few minutes we knew that this was not going to be an easy game. Holmewood was leading 5-0 within the first 7 minutes. Ashdown played a very clumsy game. Our footwork and passes into nowhere were our downfall; this along with our opponent’s excellent attack left us with no goals to Holmewood’s 6 at the end of the first quarter with our GD, Anabel, sitting on the side of the court with a hot water bottle on her nose. Our girls didn’t let their heads drop for a second, they carried on through the second quarter giving it their all. Emma and Alice worked extremely hard on the wings. Unfortunately the second quarter went very similarly to the first. It wasn’t looking good for us, but our girls still gave a little group cheer and kept their smiles on their faces. Airlie, with a sore knee, was trying her best to get free and jump for the ball but her opponent kept leaping up out of nowhere and stealing possession. Eloise made an excellent goal while playing GS, which was very out of her comfort zone.  The final quarter and our girls still had not given up. Ksenia made some beautiful saves at GK but unfortunately we ended the match with Holmewood rather convincingly. As always the team did not let this get them down and kept their chins up and spirits up. The girl of the game was Eloise.   TS    
Under 11            Lost 2-16    
The match got off to the kind of start where you feel everyone left without you. We weren't ready. 0-7 after one quarter. It could only improve from here. It did. 1-3 in the second with Sarah shooting after a few unlucky attempts. Our marking improved but the opposition never missed a shot at goal and be missed 9. The final quarter was 1-2 was because we looked a little more like fighters and I was proud of that.

We will have to start better next term and work hard with our shooting. Then we will be competitive.  FN

Under 10/9         Lost 5-15
It was a tough match today but the girls tried really hard. The improvement in their play over the past few weeks has been quite noticeable. They are working together as a much better team and have picked up tactics to quickly move the ball into the attacking half. Today I think Tara (GS) and Felicity (GA) worked as a much better pair, however the Holmewood GD was a strong player and intercepted the ball many times. All of the girls need to remember to keep on the move and not wait for the ball to come to them. Unfortunately those are the times when the ball is being intercepted by the opposing team. It was a tough match with the Holmewood team being all under 10, however the girls didn't give up until the final whistle.  LP

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday, 26th November
Netball v Cottesmore

1st VII  Won 24-6
Rather slippery courts faced the girls today, but they took this on board within a few minutes and altered their play to accommodate the surface. Other than some dropped balls they played superbly all afternoon. We had some alterations to the team in the second and third quarters in order to give Georgie her first run out with the 1st team; she slotted in beautifully and played WD and GK to a high standard.  Lexi and Sonia are really getting to grips with playing together in the shooting circle and have definitely upped their understanding of the intricacies here. Jemima, Lily and Felicity commanded the centre court and linked the play superbly well between attack and defence.
Marta and Maria are slowly gaining an understanding of their roles in defence, really making the opposition attackers work.

In the last quarter we had a total position change. Lily and Felicity took up the shooting positions, Marta and Lexi went into the centre court. Jemima and Sonia moved into defence and Maria came out to goal defence. In no way were the girls phased by these moves. Proving their overall netball skills.  'Man' of the match Lexi and Sonia

2nd VII   Won 10-5
The girls had a very close game on a very slippery surface today. We started the match with Cottesmore scoring the first goal, followed closely by an Ashdown goal. The girls played a very fast game which resulted in some clumsy mistakes and silly passes. Regardless, our team kept their heads up and kept their team spirit alive, never once letting their frustration show. We managed to pull together and ended the first quarter with a 3-2 lead.  Ksenia, as GK, made some brilliant interceptions and, working with Georgie in GD, managed to get possession back consistently throughout the game. The second quarter was not as fast and clumsy, the girls concentrated more on their feet and passes and it payed off! Coro and Adel played beautifully as the two wings and always managed to get free and be where they were needed. We ended the second quarter with a 6-4 lead. The third quarter did not go as well. The court was slippery and all the players were sliding around. Ashdown did not score any goals but still did not let this bother them, their constant motivation and support of each other was amazing to watch. Cottesmore scored one goal and took the score to an all too close, 6-5. We pulled out all the stops in the last quarter, every single girl was on top form and played their absolute best! Ashdown kept majority of the possession, with Georgie playing in overdrive getting the ball back down to our end of the court. Emma showed us all exactly why she was playing GA, shooting some very difficult shots. Coro also proved just how much potential she has inside the D by making some very tricky shots herself. Airlie played particularly well today; she was always there to help her team mates and did not stop working her very best until the final whistle blew. We finished the game with a very impressive lead of 10-5. The two players of the game were Emma and Airlie, but in my opinion all the girls played outstandingly and showed everyone watching just what team spirit is all about.   TS

U10/9 VII  Won 10-4
Today the Ashdown under 10/9 team played against two teams from Cottesmore. In the first and third quarters they played the Cottesmore under 10 team and in the second and fourth quarters they played the Cottesmore Under 9 team.

The Cottesmore under 10 team started out very strong and took the total at the end of the first quarter to 0-4. As the Cottesmore teams switched, the girls talked about what they needed to work on. In the second and third quarters the Ashdown team really got stuck in and scored a total of 8 goals. In the final quarter the Cottesmore under 9 team really pushed the Ashdown girls but they still manged to score two more goals bringing the final score to 10-4.
Giada was chosen as the team captain for the netball season and also the girl of the team for today's match. She played very well and made some excellent interceptions. Kitty and Tabitha played alongside Giada in defence. They were a great support and always looking for opportunities to find spaces so they were free to catch and pass. Mimosa played with Tara and Felicity in attack. They worked hard together to secure the ball and often found spaces to get free from their opponent. Florence played as centre. She had a great game, making great interceptions and passes. The girls have really got to know each other's strengths over the past couple of weeks and are using this to their advantage.
Congratulations to Felicity for scoring nine goals, an excellent match for her today! Well done to all the team. LP.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday, 23rd November

Netball v Skippers Hill
2nd VII          Lost 2-11
All the girls who were not involved in the football tournament or absent played in this match. Each girl gave of her best in each quarter that she played in. We had a least 50-60% of possession in this match and during this time moved the ball well up the court. Sadly we had no class shooters to play in the circle today and although we had at least 10 shots at goal in each quarter only two of these found their mark. If we had bagged 25% of these the match would have had the correct result which would have been a draw.

The girls who shone in this match were Georgie, Maria, Eloise,Alice and Ksenia.
'Man' of the match Georgie

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday, 16th November

Netball v Pennthorpe
1st VII               Won 27-15   
A nail biting first half to this match whilst we were finding our rhythm. During this period we showed sparks of brilliance and were also left on the back foot on many occasions. Our marking was good, however we then made some bad decisions when passing the intercepted ball. We also used the wrong type of pass on many occasions. When in possession of the ball our dodging was rather slow and lacklustre giving the player with the ball few options. Having said that, this team were playing together for the first time and we have had no real practice time. We were narrowly in the lead as we went into half time 10-9 up.

The second half was much more positive. The girls listened carefully to our team talks and started to play as a unit; they held their ground and then made dynamic dodges and their passes were harder and faster. Maria and Marta really began to command the defending circle. Felicity, Jemima and Lily began to work the centre court with intelligence and skill. Sonia and Lexi began to leave their opponents stranded. We won the third quarter 7-4 and blitzed the fourth quarter 10-2.

Much to work on and much to work with!
'Man' of the match Lexi and Sonia     PMc
2nd VII               Won 13-5    

The girls played brilliantly for their first match together as a team. They worked very well together throughout the match and they did not stop working until the final whistle blew. The way they encouraged and supported each other through the whole game was incredible to watch. The first quarter was very evenly matched. Emma made two very impressive goals while Penthorpe made three, putting them in the lead. Ksenia did an amazing job of defending goals; she and Annabel made some amazing saves and worked together beautifully. The second quarter was where the girls started to up their games. Coro and Airlie worked overtime getting the ball down towards our goal while Adel, Georgie and Alice defended brilliantly and got the ball back repeatedly. Esme and Emma, worked together and scored one goal each, putting us in the lead by one goal. By the third quarter the girls had hit their stride. Emma (despite hurting her knee) refused to give up and darted around the court managing to be exactly where she was needed at all times. Nanaho, Georgie and Annabel kept the defence very tight, though unfortunately Penthope managed to get two goals past them. This was nothing compared to what was going on at the other end of the court – Esme and Zene were working together flawlessly. Esme, with the help of Zene, managed to make five goals, putting Ashdown in a 9-4 lead. The fourth quarter went just as well as the second; the girls were motivated and the whole team was alert. Emma and Esme again worked brilliantly as a team, scoring another two goals each. Georgie, Annabel and Airlie worked incredibly hard in defence and this resulted in Penthorpe not being able to get any goals in the fourth quarter. Throughout the game Esme showed her amazing shooting skills and lived up to her role as captain, she was very rightly awarded girl of the game by the opposition. By the end of the match Ashdown had 13 goals to Penthorpe’s 5 and were very pleased with their result. Overall the girls played amazingly as a team and should all be very proud of their performances’.   TS

Under 11            Lost 9-11
The girls played a brilliant game as a team which is very encouraging this early in the netball season. In the first quarter we had clear passes from our centre Kaoruko down the line to Ines and then to either Chloe or Giada to have a shot at goal. We saw excellent play between Chloe and Giada in the circle, working to get close to the ring. In our defensive end we had intercepts by Alisa and tight defence from Tabitha W and Sarah. After the first quarter the score was only 3–2 to Pennthorpe. In the second quarter we had Issy and Felicity come on. The game remained close with possession remaining even between the two teams, although, with a few more interceptions by Alisa and Kaoruko, Ashdown were able to take the lead 6–4 at the end of the second quarter. After half time Pennthorpe fought back, as their defence became stronger. Ashdown however maintained their determination and did not lose concentration in the game. This levelled out the game. By the end of the third quarter it was 6–6. Coming into the final quarter 6-6, Ashdown knew they had to up their game. Playing down the line and defending hard they were able to get the ball down the court to Chloe and Ines for shot at goal. However with a couple of dropped balls Pennthorpe took the lead and, with only seconds left on the clock, Ashdown were unable to catch up though they fought until the final whistle.
Overall the girls played exceptionally well and not once did their heads drop. Player of the match chosen by Pennthorpe was Kaoruko.  AR


Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Wednesday, 9th November

Netball v Skippers Hill
Under 11          Won 8-4      
A very chilly afternoon combined with a rather slippery astro carpet surface made this a tough learning experience for the girls; it was difficult to nail the footwork and cold fingers made handling the ball a challenge.

In the first quarter we were on the back foot and allowed Skippers to take a 3-0 lead. A short reminder about moving; getting in front of our opponents and spacing out allowed us to take a foothold in the second quarter which we won 1-0. We built on this in the third quarter again winning 1-0.

With all to play for in the final quarter we came out fighting! The girls had eventually found their form and we nailed the win by winning the quarter 5-1!

Tabitha defended beautifully at GK, Georgie used her height and determination well at GD, Sarah played with great intelligence at WD, Kaoruko led her team and linked defence and attack well at C, Issy and Ines found space well at WA, Emma played superbly at GA and Alisa made some super moves at GS. Overall a great learning experience and a fabulous win from behind!
'Man' of the match Kaoruko and Emma    PMc     

Under 10/9       Won 6-5

It was another exciting game today with a very close score!  We started the game slightly behind as Skippers Hill scored two excellent goals within the first few minutes. This made the Ashdown team realise they were up against a very enthusiastic opposition. By half time the score was 3:2 to Skippers Hill. After a team discussion, Ashdown were very focused and had thought about what they could do to help them score more goals. By the end of the third quarter the score was 5:4 to Ashdown House. This made for a very exciting final quarter and everything to play for! The girls managed to score one more goal, however it was followed by a goal from Skipper Hills. With the time running down, the girls knew that all they had to do was keep the ball in play in their attacking half. They did this well and as the Skippers Hill team intercepted the ball, the final whistle blew.

It was a very close game and the girls worked so hard for the result. Florence was named girl of the match by the Skippers team. She played fantastically and put her all into some brilliant interceptions. Isabella, Indya and Mimosa all shared a position in defence and played well. I was very impressed with Mimosa's performance this week as she often found spaces to receive the ball. Tabitha played very well as goal keeper and did some good passes throughout the game. Giada was supporting Tabitha as goal defence. I thought she played extremely well, putting in so much effort. Kitty and Mary shared the position of wing attack. I think the have both improved so much over the last couple of matches. They found great spaces and made some super passes. Tara played as goal shooter and Felicity played as goal attack. Their performance together improved throughout the game as they understood how they could best support each other. It was an exciting game to watch and umpire! LP

Saturday, 05 November 2016

Saturday, 5th November

Netball v Brambletye
Under 10/9        Won 7-6      

We had a great netball game today and the Ashdown team got much stronger as the game went on. At the end of the first quarter the score was 3:2 to Brambletye. At the start of the match Ashdown realised they had a very good opposition as Brambletye scored their first three goals soon after the start. By the end of the first half the score was 5:3 to Brambletye. At half time the girls talked about what they needed to do to progress further. After a break and many oranges they came back stronger! At the end of the third quarter the score was 6:5 to Ashdown. At the start of the final quarter Brambletye equalised the score but the Ashdown team managed to score one more goal to win the match.
Florence received girl of the game which was very well deserved. Mimosa and Mary played on the wings. I was impressed with the way they both played today and often noticed they were in a space and receiving the ball. Tara played an excellent game as goal shooter and was well supported by Felicity and Giada, who shared goal defence and goal attack. They both played with so much determination and made some excellent interceptions. Tabitha played as goal keeper. I was very pleased with her focus and performance throughout the game. She defended very well and was an asset to the team today.  A very close game and a super win for the Ashdown team.  LP


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday, 15th October

Netball v Brambletye
Under 10/9     Lost 5-3        

It was a fantastic game to umpire today with two well matched teams. All the girls who took part played very well, whether they had lots of netball experience or they were taking part in their first match. It was a very closely played game; at the end of the first quarter the score was 0-0, at the end of the second quarter the score was 1-1, and at the end of the third quarter the score was 3-3. It was a close final quarter and Brambletye scored their last two goals in the last 5 minutes.
Isabella played her first netball match as wing defence. She played well and found some good spaces. Tabitha played two quarters as goal keeper. She marked her opponent brilliantly and kept so focused on the game. Felicity and Giada shared the positions of goal attack and goal defence. They both played very well and kept the opposition moving. Felicity scored one goal and Giada scored two goals. Florence played as centre. Her quick thinking was essential to the game and she also received girl of the match which was very well deserved. Kitty and Mimosa played in defence. Kitty made some excellent passes and Mimosa was often unmarked in a space. Tara played as goal shooter, her confidence built throughout the game and she was a great support to the goal attack. Mary played as goal defence. She often found a space and made some excellent catches.
Overall it was a very well played game and an exciting one to watch!  LP

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Saturday, 17th September

1st VII    Lost 15-30
This was a really useful match to kick off the season as it highlighted all the important things that we need to work on. During the 1st quarter (5-8) we really held our own. The attack (GS Lexi, GA Sonia, WA Jemima) played with great intelligence and skill during this quarter and gave each other many options. The shooting was superb. The defence (GK Ksenia, GD Marta and WD Eloise) were either totally new to this sport this term or unused to the fast paced play at senior level. They took time to find any rhythm during this quarter. Lily, at centre, was electric and her linking play was superb.

In the second quarter Brighton had worked out our play and therefore we needed to alter some of the set pieces; sadly we kept attempting the same manoeuvre and lost possession on many occasions. They took the quarter 12-5.

After a team talk, the girls came out fighting for the third quarter. We stopped any scoring for over three minutes with some superb defence from all the team. Sadly the ball would not drop into the net for us. However we made life difficult for the opposition. We lost that quarter 2-5.

In the final quarter it was noticeable that Ksenia and Marta were beginning to gain a better understanding of the game. They both made some great interceptions. Sadly they did then release the ball too quickly and it often went back to Brighton. Eloise had listened carefully to instructions and made some fabulous progress during the final quarter. The attack played well but all of them need work on their netball specific fitness. We need to be first off the line from the centre pass and our dodging in the circle must be shorter and sharper. However we only lost that quarter 3-5! ‘Man’ of the match Lily Moore  PMc

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