Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday, 22nd May

Swimming v St Ronan's
A teams:
1.  110   Ashdown
2.  102   St Ronan's
B teams:
1.  48   St Ronan's
2.  38    Ashdown

Friday, 05 May 2017

Thursday, 4th May

Swimming v Cottesmore
1.  53  Ashdown A
2.  48  Cottesmore A
3.  26  Ashdown B
4.  17  Cottesmore B

We enjoyed a very friendly, competitive and lively Gala against Cottesmore.

The races were all very close and with four relays to go, there were only a coulple of points between the teams.

Well done to all the swimmers! JR

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday, 14th March

Swimming v Cottesmore
1st    99      Cottesmore A
2nd   75      Ashdown A
3rd    32      Cottesmore B
4th    23      Ashdown B

The U11s, U10s and U9s faced off against Cottesmore in a swimming gala in which every race was competitive and closely fought until the very end. The afternoon was also riddled with intrigue in terms of the rules of swimming, which were under close inspection from Mrs Rigg throughout. 
Everyone showed great sportsmanship during the entire event, which was brilliant to see. As we have come to expect with Cottesmore, they had a number of very strong swimmers who were too much for us to handle at times.
Final positions from first to last as follows: Cottesmore A, Ashdown A, Cottesmore B, Ashdown B.
Well done to everyone who took part!  W.T.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thursday, 23rd February

Swimming Gala at Cottesmore
Ashdown arrived at Cottesmore with Storm Dorris having tried to blow the minibus off course.  Both teams showed superb sporting spirit, and the close scores reflected the effort which was put in by both teams.  The races were close, but Cottesmore seemed to have the vital edge in the last few metres of the pool.  Although we tried our hardest, we weren't quite able to out-swim some of the talented Cottesmore swimmers.
Final score: Ashdown 59, Cottesmore 63.   WT

Monday, 07 November 2016

Monday, 7th November

Swimming v St Ronan's
1. St Ronan's A       82
2. Ashdown A          89
3. St Ronan's B        93
4. Ashdown B          111

Swimming v St Ronan's

1. St Ronan's A       82

2. Ashdown A          89

3. St Ronan's B        93

4. Ashdown B          111

Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday, 23rd May

Swimming v St Ronan's

The swimming team did exceptionally well in a terrific match at home with St Ronan's.  Both schools fielded A and B teams in the U13s, U12s and U11s.  Although St Ronan's proved too strong overall, there were plenty of notable Ashdown performances.  The following won their races:  Edouard U13 Individual Medley; Roland U12 backstroke; Cristina U13 backstroke; Carmen U13 butterfly; Myles U12 frontcrawl; Edouard U13 frontcrawl.  There was also a win for Cristina, Frankie, Carmen and Edouard in the U13 medley relay.  It was hugely pleasing to see that 25 out of 30 Ashdown swimmers beat their personal bests in the individual races.  MH

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

Tuesday, 9th February

Junior Swimming Gala at Brambletye
We travelled up to the road on Tuesday evening to our neighbours, Brambletye. We arrived, set to battle it out in the pool. After winning the senior gala against Brambletye last week, we were determined to make it a clean sweep. The children swam very well indeed. Flo and Toby swam particularly well in the under 9 freestyle relay. And, even though we won the last relay, we eventually lost the gala by a mere 7 points. Well done to all of the swimmers on a spirited performance and for swimming...like a fish!   RS

Monday, 01 February 2016

Monday, 1st February

Swimming v Brambletye

Ashdown A 120
Brambletye A 117
Ashdown B 65

This was the most exciting gala that we have swum in for many years. It was incredibly close and swum in the best sporting spirit by all concerned. After 9 races the scores were Ashdown A 48, Brambletye A 47 and Ashdown B 25. After 18 races the scores were Brambletye A 95, Ashdown A 94 and Ashdown B 53. With one race to go the scores were Brambletye A 111, Ashdown A 110 and Ashdown B 61. Winning the final race secured our A team its first victory for quite a while! The atmosphere was electric!

Individual race winners were:-

U11 Felicity Harrison (Backstroke) and Josh Schreiber (Frontcrawl)
U12 Roland Bourne (Backstroke and Butterfly) and Sonia Perez Pera (Frontcrawl)
U13 Edouard de Vitry Avoucourt (Individual Medley and Frontcrawl), Cristina Alonso (Backstroke and Butterfly), Carmen Perez Pera (Breaststroke and Butterfly)

Relay Race Winners were:-

U12 and U13 Frontcrawl relays.

Personal Best Times were beaten by:-
Tallulah Murphy X2, Will Butcher, Emma Kojima, Teagan Galloway, Elicia Murphy X2, Cristina Alonso X2, Georgie Lindsay, Daniel Duarte, Edouard de Vitry Avoucourt, Felicity Harrison, Roland Bourne X2, Sonia Perez Pera and Carmen Perez Pera X2.

What a fabulous evening!

Many thanks go to our scorer Regan Schreiber, our starter and place judge George de Moraville and Louise Pugh for getting our swimmers to the blocks on time.  PMc

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Swimming Gala with St Ronan's

Ashdown A 137
St Ronan's A 115
St  Ronan's B 101
Ashdown B 54
A very close gala! If the scores were joined together (and if we were awarded 4th place points for the races where we did not have a swimmer due to music exams) St Ronan's just pipped us by 12 points.  This made for the most exciting gala this year! Each swimmer focused beautifully and truly gave of their best.
Personal bests were beaten by 22 out of our 32 individual swimmers:-
IM Max Morgan, Myles Murphy, Carmen Perez Pera and Edouard de Vitry.
BK Felicity Harrison, Gabriela Fontan and Mimi Allen
BR Gabriela Fontan, Frankie Lindsay and Elicia Murphy
Fly Elicia Murphy, Roland Bourne, Tom Chavasse, Tallulah Murphy, Myles Murphy and Carmen Perez Pera
FC Felicity Harrison, Sonia Perez Pera, Frankie Lindsay, Caleb Schreiber, Max Morgan and Oscar Wiseman
Our winning swimmers were:-
Max Morgan x 2, Edouard de Vitry x 2, Mimi Allen, Vlad Novick, Elicia Murphy, Roland Bourne, Carmen Perez Pera, Sonia Perez Pera and Oscar Wiseman
Our Winning Relay Teams were:-
U9 MR, U12 MR and U12 FC
A big thank you to Charlie Stanton our starter and place judge, Regan Schreiber for organising the children to be in the correct lane at the right moment in time and Miss Pippa for scoring! But in particular to our fabulous swimming team!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brambletye A 66
Ashdown A    65

Ashdown B    40
Brambletye B 29


Ashdown U13 and U11 Swimming Team  105
Brambletye U13 and U11 Swimming Team 95

Either way a superb event hosted by Brambletye in which every swimmer gave of their best!

The U13 Team was Phoebe (Cpt), Josh B, Charles, Hermione, Emily, Marcus, Carmen (U12), Edouard (U12)

The U11 Team was Sonia, Roland, Myles, Arseniy, Lily, Josh S (U10), Max (U10), Adel (U10)

Our victorious swimmers were:-

Sonia - U11 Breaststroke

Roland -  U11 Backstroke

Emily - U13 Backstroke

Josh B- U13 Frontcrawl

The U13A Frontcrawl Relay Team

The U13A Squadron Relay Team

Our swimmers who took Second place were:-

Max - U11 Individual Medley (Who is an U10)

Edouard - U13 Individual Medley (Who is an U12)

Phoebe - U13 Breaststroke

Max - U11 Backstroke (Max is U10)

Lily - U11 Butterfly

Carmen - U13 Butterfly (Carmen is U12)

Myles - U11 Frontcrawl

Phoebe - U13 Frontcrawl

The U11A Medley Relay Team

The U13A Medley Relay Team

The U11A Frontcrawl Relay Team

The U13B Frontcrawl Relay Team

A great Result and a very exciting Gala. Thanks to Mike Hogue for driving and supporting us!


Thursday, 02 October 2014

Swimming with Handcross Park & Brambletye

HandcrossPark 164
Brambletye 148
Ashdown House 141

Phoebe Wells, Hermione Harrison, Tair Udovenchuk, Josh Burvill

Elizabeth McCarthy, Loren Pepper, Charles Harrison, Dominic Yorke

Myles Murphy, Roland Bourne, Sonia Perez Pera, Lily Moore

Max Morgan, Josh Schreiber, Elicia Murphy, Felicity Harrison, Tallulah Murphy

Kaorouko Ogawa, Vlad Novick, Oscar Morgan, Tom Chavasse

Caleb Schreiber, Toby Tyler, Florence Moore,

All our swimmers covered themselves with glory with each swimming his or her heart out and all great ambassadors for their school.

We achieved first place in the U10 IM, Max Morgan, U9 Breaststroke Vlad Novick, U10 Breaststroke, Elicia Murphy, U11 Freestyle Myles Murphy. U13 Freestyle Josh Burvill, U10 Fly Josh Schreiber.

Our relay teams achieved first place in the U10 Medley relay, Max Morgan, Elicia Murphy, Josh Schreiber and Tallulah Murphy. U13B Medley relay Loren Pepper, Charles Harrison, Dominic Yorke, Elizabeth McCarthy. U13A Medley relay, Phoebe wells, Tair Udovenchuk, Hermione Harrison, Josh Burvill. U13B Freestyle relay Elizabeth McCarthy, Dominic Yorke, Loren Pepper, Charles Harrison

Much thanks goes to Mr Stanton and Miss Anna for helping organise and cheer on our troops and of course our fab parents for coming to support! PMc