Friday, 05 May 2017

Thursday, 4th May

Swimming v Cottesmore
1.  53  Ashdown A
2.  48  Cottesmore A
3.  26  Ashdown B
4.  17  Cottesmore B

We enjoyed a very friendly, competitive and lively Gala against Cottesmore.

The races were all very close and with four relays to go, there were only a coulple of points between the teams.

Well done to all the swimmers! JR

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday, 14th March

Swimming v Cottesmore
1st    99      Cottesmore A
2nd   75      Ashdown A
3rd    32      Cottesmore B
4th    23      Ashdown B

The U11s, U10s and U9s faced off against Cottesmore in a swimming gala in which every race was competitive and closely fought until the very end. The afternoon was also riddled with intrigue in terms of the rules of swimming, which were under close inspection from Mrs Rigg throughout. 
Everyone showed great sportsmanship during the entire event, which was brilliant to see. As we have come to expect with Cottesmore, they had a number of very strong swimmers who were too much for us to handle at times.
Final positions from first to last as follows: Cottesmore A, Ashdown A, Cottesmore B, Ashdown B.
Well done to everyone who took part!  W.T.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thursday, 23rd February

Swimming Gala at Cottesmore
Ashdown arrived at Cottesmore with Storm Dorris having tried to blow the minibus off course.  Both teams showed superb sporting spirit, and the close scores reflected the effort which was put in by both teams.  The races were close, but Cottesmore seemed to have the vital edge in the last few metres of the pool.  Although we tried our hardest, we weren't quite able to out-swim some of the talented Cottesmore swimmers.
Final score: Ashdown 59, Cottesmore 63.   WT

Monday, 07 November 2016

Monday, 7th November

Swimming v St Ronan's
1. St Ronan's A       82
2. Ashdown A          89
3. St Ronan's B        93
4. Ashdown B          111

Swimming v St Ronan's

1. St Ronan's A       82

2. Ashdown A          89

3. St Ronan's B        93

4. Ashdown B          111

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