Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thursday, 22nd June

Tennis v Brambletye
Under 11 Mixed IV             Lost 0-4
The children had a great evening at Brambletye for the tennis matches. Although the teams didn't win there were moments of fantastic play. Kieran had a fast, accurate serve that proved difficult to return at times and Alisa had a powerful return. Chloe and Diego had some great rallies with their opponents and really persevered through some difficult matches. At the end of the evening the children were very reflective on their performance. They knew where they could have improved and are keen to keep practicing and have more lessons to make progress. It was a great fixture and a great experience for the children. LP

Monday, 15 May 2017

Tennis v Cottesmore
Under 13 Boys' VI        Won 9-0

The U13 Boys' VI travelled to Cottesmore for their third match of the season.  Fernando and Carlos played as first pair, Theo and Roland as second pair and Daniel and Ludo as third pair.  The Cottesmore boys' team were having their first outing of the term, so they have not yet decided on their full strength team.  For the first two rounds, the matches were first to win four games.  All the Ashdown pairs played well and we took a clean sweep of all six matches.  In the final round each pair played their opposite number over a full set.  Fernando and Carlos had a fine battle with the Cottesmore first pair, winning 6-4.  Theo and Roland were too strong for the Cottesmore second pair to the tune of 6-1.  The last match had a great finish.  Daniel and Ludo were locked at 5-all with the Cottesmore third pair, with Ludo to serve the final game.  At 15-all it was evenly poised, but Ludo served brilliantly, firing off three consecutive aces to finish in style.  A good win for the team!  Well played, everyone!  MH

Monday, 08 May 2017

Monday 8th May

Tennis v Windlesham House

U13 Boys' VI     Lost 2-7

U13 Girls' VI      Lost 1-8


Monday, 24 April 2017

Monday, 24th April

Tennis v Brambletye
Under 13 Boys' VI         Lost 2-7         
The U13 Boys' VI had their first match of the season this evening at Brambletye.  Although early in the term, it was good for the boys to have a competitive outing and get some match practice.  Our first pair was Fernando and Carlos.  Our second pair was Daniel and Finn and our third pair was Theo and Jack.  Matches were played as the first to win four games.  Fernando and Carlos won their matches against Brambletye's 2nd and 3rd pairs.  However, Brambletye were victorious in the other matches, although there were plenty of good, competitive rallies.  MH

Under 13 Girls' VI          Lost 2-7    
The U13 girls' tennis team played their first match of the season against Brambletye. Our first pair were Lexi and Lily, our second pair were Sonia and Gabriela, and our third pair were Felicity and Mariana. Throughout the evening the play improved on both sides and there were some great games to watch with the scores being very close. The Ashdown firsts and seconds both beat the Brambletye thirds, however Brambletye were stronger all round and had some excellent wins. It was a good experience to have early in the season and hopefully one the girls can draw experience from for their next match. LP