Monday, 20 May 2019

Under 11 Mixed team Vs Brambletye
Lost 8 matches to 1

Monday's tennis match was a last minute addition to the calendar. Nevertheless, it was a perfect sunny evening and some fantastic tennis was played. The score in tennis does not always reflect the standard of tennis that has been played, as was the case in this match. We saw many games coming to sudden death at deuce, making for some very exciting spectating!

Our first pair, Indya and Inigo, lost all three matches (3-6, 2-6, 0-6). However, this really does not reflect what we saw from the sidelines. They were a super pair and developed a great on court sporting relationship, giving plenty of competition to the pairs they played and leading some amazing rallies. Our second pair, Stephanie.D and Juan, won one of their matches and lost two (6-3, 1-6, 0-6). Again they played superbly as a pair, both displaying some impressive talent. Stephanie with her serving and Juan with his long range returns from the back line. Our final pair, Stephanie.M and William, lost all three matches (0-6, 0-6, 1-6). The match set up was very new to both of them but it provided them with such a valuable experience. By the end they were a lot more confident on court. They held their own, but unfortunately lost a few games at sudden death deuce.
I was really impressed with all of the players, including those from Brambletye. It was a really friendly fixture and both teams were supportive of each other, recognising each others strengths and giving support when points were lost. We look forward to meeting again after half term.    (LP)

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Tennis v Brambletye

Senior Girls VI - won 6 matches to 3

The weather was so much better suited to tennis this evening which was a huge relief to the girls. They were feeling nervous going into the matches but they all played some superb matches with some very close scores.

The Ashdown first pair, Zadie and Arial, won all of their matches (6-0, 6-0, 6-5) with the final one being their trickiest. Taking an early lead, they got into a great rhythm with Zadie often staying back making some stunning returns all across the court and Arial at the net making some crucial placements of the ball in the opposing half. They were impressive to watch and although Brambletye put the pressure on later in the game, they held strong and succeeded with their third win of the evening.

Our second pair, Teresa and Alisa, won two out of three matches (6-2, 0-6, 6-4). They were a great pairing and always very supportive of each other. During their second match, three of the games came to sudden death at deuce, making for a very thrilling watch. Alisa's strengths were long returns whereas Teresa served beautifully.

Our third pair, Daisy and Michelle, won one of their matches (2-6, 6-4, 5-6). Michelle was bought into the match with ten minutes to spare as one of the original players was unwell. Considering they hadn't played together before, they did remarkably well. Daisy was most confident at returning from the back of the court which she did with confidence and Michelle had an impressive serve.

The girls came up against some great competition and really gave it their all. A very well deserved win!      LP

Senior Boys VI - Lost 5 matches to 4

The senior boys travelled to our local rivals (Brambletye) for a lovely evening of tennis. The format was slightly different in it was the first pair to 4, not 6.

Kieran and Vlad worked extremely well with each other. Kieran with his superb powerful diagonal shots across the face of the court, which left the opposition standing hopelessly. And Vald with a very strong forehand picking out small gaps in their half. They won two out of three games so very well done! (1-4, 4-0, 4-1)

Paid number two were Tom and Dahiru. They both worked really well off each other, supporting each other, encouraging, it was nice to see. Tom’s services were definitely on point tonight with him rarely having to do a second serve, and with Dahiru with his lighting pace that gave him an advantage playing behind Tom times. (0-4, 0-4, 4-1)

Lastly Jean and Diego. Jean's backhand and overall movement are very nice and clean cut. He played some lovely powerful shots at times with lead to a win in the first game. Diego’s contribution was fantastic as he likes to play smartly, meaning, he quickly analyses the opposition's position and will play the shot he thinks is correct. Very smart play. (4-1, 3-4, 1-4)

Brilliant effort all round boys well done. JS

2nd May

Under 13 Boys vs Cottesmore
Result - Ashdown won by 8 matches to 1

The boys were really looking forward to their first match but they were also a little apprehensive, asking many questions about what could happen. Kieran and Vlad played as the first pair. They were successful in all of their matches loosing no more than three games in any match. It was impressive watching them as a pair because they are both talented tennis players and they were also incredibly supportive of each other. There were moments when their matches had all of the spectators gripped! Our second pair were Tom and Dahiru, who also won all of their matches, some of which were very close, winning two of them by only one game. I was so impressed by their determination and sportsmanship throughout. They were very fair with the Cottesmore players and really gave it their all. Our third pair were William and Federico who felt the most uneasy going into the matches, being the two less experienced players. Despite this, they played extremely well winning two out of three matches. They seemed to really enjoy the evening, often dishing out criticisms of each other whilst finding it all rather funny. They had some fantastic rallies and were extremely pleased with their results. It was a pleasure running the evening and I look forward to their next match. LP

9th May

Under 13 Girls vs Cottesmore
Result - Cottesmore won by 4 matches to 2

Despite the bleak weather forecast the girls were excited for their first match. As they got underway the clouds darkened and just as they were finishing it started to rain. At this point we decided to go ahead with one more half match each against their equal pair. Our first pair, Alisa and Zadie, had two tough matches but by observing their play it was very clear that they are both talented players. They had some exciting rallies and Zadie displayed some impressive return shots. Our second pair, Tara and Teresa, lost their first match but won their second by one game. They were a great pair, always smiling and giving each other support throughout, whilst showing their strengths in both matches. Our final pair, Giada and Daisy, also lost their first match and won their second by one game. It was an incredibly thrilling moment for them when they went to sudden death for the match point, showing a great team spirit and winning on this occasion. All of the girls are worthy of commendation for playing through the wet weather and proudly representing Ashdown House. I look forward to taking their next match, hopefully with some dryer weather! LP

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Thursday, 21st June

Tennis v Brambletye
U11 Mixed VI   Won 6-3

We had a lovely warm welcome at Brambletye on Thursday evening for the tennis match. The children were all feeling a little apprehensive, playing with new partners and some of them playing their first match.

Our first pair, Edward and Cristina, played beautifully throughout the evening. They both had their ups and downs but recovered well each time and were an excellent pairing. They won all three of their matches (6-1, 6-0 and 6-4).

Our second pair, Harvey and Florence, were an animated pair, always communicating and laughing with each other. They got off to a tricky start playing the Brambletye first pair and losing 6-0. However, they came back stronger and won their next two games (6-0 and 6-2).

Our third pair, Freddie and Bea, had a busy evening playing some really long games. They played really well together as a pair and were very supportive of each other. All of their matches were very close which just shows the determination they had to succeed. They lost their first two matches (6-5, 6-0) but came back for a triumphant win (6-4) in their final match.

I was really impressed with the attitude and sportsmanship of all of the players. They were great representatives of Ashdown House and played some superb tennis. Well done!   LP


Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday, 18th June

Tennis v Copthorne    
U13 Girls    Won 4-2
Mariana and Cristina played well with some super backhands and running forehands. They won all three matches in some style. 

Felicity and Georgie warmed to the task and began to hit with power and conviction. They lost their second match to the top opposition but should be pleased with their placement and teamwork, recovering to win the third match.

Emma and Carmen had a close first match losing 5-6.  They showed that they have the shots but need a bit of confidence to hit hard. Then they went on to win the next 6-0! They also won their final match.

Overall Ashdown girls won 4 matches to 2. We are ready for Queens!  FN

U13 Boys   Won 9-0
The under 13s boys travelled to Copthorne for some evening tennis.

In the first match, we dominated play with our strong forehand shots, playing some excellent deep corner shots. We won the round 3-0.  Similar play was on display in the second match, with our return shots being one of our best strengths. Gonzalo especially, was outstanding in that area. Ashdown won 3-0.  In the third match, you could see both sides getting tired with a few poor shots but we dominated overall. Ashdown won 3-0

Well done to all the boys!  JS


Thursday, 03 May 2018

3rd May 2018

Tennis v Cottesmore

U13 Girls' VI    Lost 4-5

Pair 1: Cristina + Mariana
Pair 2: Felicity + Georgie
Pair 3: Emma + Carmen

The girls travelled to Cottesmore for an enjoyable evening's tennis. 
Having won the first match 2-1, we were rather more challenged in the second when the Cottesmore pair played some superb shots.  We kept grafting though, demonstrating some lovely forehand shots and communicating to a high standard and again came out the winning pair 2-1.

The last round was the most interesting. We were on the front foot in all three games but we started to tire towards the end of the neck and neck games. Unfortunately, Cottesmore just edged it with a 5-4 win, winning 3-0 in the final match.

Well done to all the girls who participated and will look forward to our next match!  JS


Monday, 23 April 2018

Monday, 23rd April 

Tennis v Brambletye
U13 Boys VI    Won 8-1
The U13 boys made a winning start to the term in their first match against Brambletye. First pair Ludo and Gonzalo won their first two matches 4-2 and 4-2, although they went down to the Brambletye first pair 3-6 in their final match. Second pair Kieran and Carlos played very well together, winning their matches 4-2, 4-0, 6-0. Third pair Jack and Gustavo also did well, winning their matches 4-3, 4-0 and 6-4. All the matches were played in a very good spirit with plenty of entertaining rallies and the boys should be very pleased with their efforts. MH

U13 Girls VI    Lost 3-6
The first three Ashdown pairs headed over to Brambletye on Monday evening for their first matches of the summer season. The girls were excited but had a few nerves going into the matches. Mariana and Cristina had some beautiful shots and really kept their opponents on their toes! Georgie and Felicity played some great rallies and had a nail biting second game. Finally, Hannah and Carmen had an epic third match against the opposition's third pair to come away with a win to end the evening. Overall, Brambletye took the evening 6 games to 3, but it was an excellent learning opportunity for the girls. Well played to all!  AG

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thursday, 22nd June

Tennis v Brambletye
Under 11 Mixed IV             Lost 0-4
The children had a great evening at Brambletye for the tennis matches. Although the teams didn't win there were moments of fantastic play. Kieran had a fast, accurate serve that proved difficult to return at times and Alisa had a powerful return. Chloe and Diego had some great rallies with their opponents and really persevered through some difficult matches. At the end of the evening the children were very reflective on their performance. They knew where they could have improved and are keen to keep practicing and have more lessons to make progress. It was a great fixture and a great experience for the children. LP

Monday, 15 May 2017

Tennis v Cottesmore
Under 13 Boys' VI        Won 9-0

The U13 Boys' VI travelled to Cottesmore for their third match of the season.  Fernando and Carlos played as first pair, Theo and Roland as second pair and Daniel and Ludo as third pair.  The Cottesmore boys' team were having their first outing of the term, so they have not yet decided on their full strength team.  For the first two rounds, the matches were first to win four games.  All the Ashdown pairs played well and we took a clean sweep of all six matches.  In the final round each pair played their opposite number over a full set.  Fernando and Carlos had a fine battle with the Cottesmore first pair, winning 6-4.  Theo and Roland were too strong for the Cottesmore second pair to the tune of 6-1.  The last match had a great finish.  Daniel and Ludo were locked at 5-all with the Cottesmore third pair, with Ludo to serve the final game.  At 15-all it was evenly poised, but Ludo served brilliantly, firing off three consecutive aces to finish in style.  A good win for the team!  Well played, everyone!  MH

Monday, 08 May 2017

Monday 8th May

Tennis v Windlesham House

U13 Boys' VI     Lost 2-7

U13 Girls' VI      Lost 1-8


Monday, 24 April 2017

Monday, 24th April

Tennis v Brambletye
Under 13 Boys' VI         Lost 2-7         
The U13 Boys' VI had their first match of the season this evening at Brambletye.  Although early in the term, it was good for the boys to have a competitive outing and get some match practice.  Our first pair was Fernando and Carlos.  Our second pair was Daniel and Finn and our third pair was Theo and Jack.  Matches were played as the first to win four games.  Fernando and Carlos won their matches against Brambletye's 2nd and 3rd pairs.  However, Brambletye were victorious in the other matches, although there were plenty of good, competitive rallies.  MH

Under 13 Girls' VI          Lost 2-7    
The U13 girls' tennis team played their first match of the season against Brambletye. Our first pair were Lexi and Lily, our second pair were Sonia and Gabriela, and our third pair were Felicity and Mariana. Throughout the evening the play improved on both sides and there were some great games to watch with the scores being very close. The Ashdown firsts and seconds both beat the Brambletye thirds, however Brambletye were stronger all round and had some excellent wins. It was a good experience to have early in the season and hopefully one the girls can draw experience from for their next match. LP