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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

*Summer Term 2019*

Athletics Match vs Brambletye, Cumnor and Cottesmore 

We enjoyed a highly successful afternoon at the first athletics match of the season with notable individual performances, a host of personal bests, outstanding relay finishes and lots of promise for the future. More than thirty children competed in the event and the team spirit was second to none. 

The following children placed 1st in their events:

Junior Age Group

Felix - 75m 

Felix - Long Jump (3.15m, PB) 

Torsten - Cricket Ball Throw (21.40m, PB)

Indya - Rounders Ball Throw (35m, PB)

Charlie - High Jump (96cm)

Bailey - High Jump (90cm)

Mid Age Group 

Miles - Hurdles (14.29s, PB)

Harvey - High Jump (1.19m, PB)

Harvey - Long Jump (3.73m, PB)

Daniel - Shot Put (7.50m, PB)

Beatrice - Shot Put (5.83m)

Senior Age Group 

Dahiru - 100m (12.48s) 

Hamish - 200m 

Hamish - Triple Jump (9.98m, PB)

Dahiru - Long Jump (5.05m)

Although the officials did not note down all of the track times, we kept as thorough a record as possible and the following children also achieved personal bests for this season: 

Mid Age Group

Florence - 200m (36.5s)

Mimosa - High Jump (1.11m) 

Mimosa - Long Jump (3.20m) 

Stephanie D - Rounders Ball Throw (21.68m)

Senior Age Group 

Michelle - 300m (55.64s) 

Giada - Long Jump (3.99m) 

Zadie - Triple Jump (8.22m) 

The afternoon concluded with exciting 4 x 100m relays. The junior boys (Felix, Torsten, Charlie and Rafe) pushed themselves to the limit to snatch first place, as did the senior boys (Dahiru, Hamish, Aanu and Martin).