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Saturday, 7th December 2019

1st VII v Cottesmore

Won 27-15

The girls began superbly today. Ariel was incredible against an extremely tall goal shooter. She held her position brilliantly and made some unbelievable interceptions. Amalia was also on top form. Her centre passes were superb and she defended like a girl possessed. The centre court of Michelle, Daisy and Tara were marked hard and had to think on their feet in order to find space and to outwit their opponents. A few more square passes would have helped considerably. These would have altered the run of play and opened up our attack.

Giada was electric against a very competent and extremely tall defender. It was a lovely battle to watch and to her great credit she won the majority of their tussles. Zadie was on form and shot some beautiful goals from way outside her comfort zone.

It was good to have a comfortable lead after the first quarter, 8-3 and second quarter 8-4 as Cottesmore refused to give up and came back fighting in the third and fourth quarter only losing each of these by 2 and 1 goals respectively.

It is impossible to pick out one player today, but Ariel‘s determination and skill against her 6 foot player was a sight to behold.  PMc


2nd VII v Cottesmore

Won 23-13

Team: Cristina, Ana, Bea, Lucy, Eva, Dada, Elsa

Having played two very different matches previously, it has been difficult to understand how their ability compares to other teams of their age group. After each match the team have left me with a deep sense of pride. They are so friendly and caring towards each other and gel amazingly well as a team. They have found their strongest position on the court and the sportsmanship between them is wonderful. Even when playing out of position, they hold their heads high and put their all into the job with some fantastic results. Today they started really well, winning the first quarter 8-3 and by half-time they had leaped ahead, with a score of 17-8. We decided as a team to make one change. Eva (GD) and Lucy (GS) swapped positions. Lucy was playing superbly but it gave Eva the chance to develop her skills as an attacking player and add to her goal scoring tally. She took some time adjusting to the role but she scored three goals, and with an additional two from Bea, the score was at 21-9 with one quarter left to play. In the Final quarter Lucy and Eva swapped back and Dada (WD) swapped with Cristina (C). Dada was nervous about stepping into the role but she played well and lots of praise could be heard from the sideline. The girls shone as a talent team today and they weren't phased by some fantastic marking from Cottesmore. A huge well done. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds after the Christmas break.             LP


3rd VII v Cottesmore

Lost 6-15


U11 VII v Cottesmore

Lost 6-20 


Saturday, 30th November 2019

1st VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 31-4 

Today we played against Christ’s Hospital U12A team. Our girls were on fire. In the first quarter, whilst in position, we won 14-0. This was a superb opportunity to improve the versatility of our players, whilst keeping the match alive and vibrant.

In the next three quarters every girl had the opportunity to play in the shooting circle, centre court and defence. I am delighted to report that they each took up the challenge. Everyone scored at least one goal, defended with tenacity and moved round the centre court beautifully. Tara and Daisy were particularly spectacular when they played together in the shooting circle scoring ten goals between them. Amalia’s movement around the shooting circle is also to be commended

This was a very positive experience not only for our girls but also for the opposition.

Most Valuable Player Daisy             PMcC


2nd VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 16-0 

After a challenging last match, the girls really showed just how strong they are against Christ's Hospital. It was a very one sided match but I must give credit to the Christ's Hospital team who did not give up at any point. At the end of the first quarter Ashdown were winning 8-0. For the remainder of the match the girls played in positions they are not used to. They all adapted well and the star player for me was Eva, scoring six goals.         LP


3rd VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 10-3

We were playing against Christ Hospital and we all enjoyed it a lot. There were a couple of injuries that happened throughout the game because of the slippery court but we all carried on playing like nothing happened. Indya got the player of the match, and the score was 10 – 3, with us winning. We (the team) all had a lot of fun. Also a quick shout out to a few members of the team for having great sportsmanship and filling in for the other team when they needed another player.

written by Elizabeth H  


Wednesday, 27th November 2019

1st VII v Holmewood House

Won 24-7 

The girls were extremely excited to be beginning their netball season today. Even the heavy rain could not dampen their spirits. We began slowly and a little erratically; flashes of brilliance were followed errors.

The first quarter ended 4-2. Giada really stepped up her game in the second quarter and leading by example the rest slowly fell into line. Ariel defended well but needs to work on her distribution. Amalia began to learn and showed signs of mastering the goal defence position. Michelle made remarkable progress during the course of the game to start her netball career off with a bang. Daisy’s work rate was superb and Tara was always free. Zadie moved well round the circle but was frustrated by her accuracy today. We took the second quarter 6-0.

 In the third quarter I moved a few people round, Amalia into GS, Zadie into GD, Ariel into WD and Michelle into GK. The result was 5-3. In the last quarter back in position we won 8-2. A super first match of the season.

Most Valuable Player: Giada             PMc


2nd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 21-22 (LP)

Team: Lucy, Bea, Ana, Cristina, Dada, Eva, Sadie

Today the Ashdown House 2nd VII Netball team played their first match of the season. I was really impressed with the sportsmanship they showed towards each other and towards Holmewood. It was a fantastic match and could have been won by either team. The scores after each quarter show just how close it was:

1st quarter HH 5 : AH 5

2nd quarter HH 10 : AH 11

3rd quarter HH 16 : AH 16

Final score HH 22 : AH 21

Throughout the game neither team led by more than three goals at any point.  It was twenty-one all when the final centre pass was taken, with thirty seconds left on the clock. At this moment, Holmewood responded and they got the final goal. I really enjoyed umpiring the game and felt the tension all the way through. Each girl on the Ashdown team played well and they all had shining moments. Star players were Bea in attack and Eva in defence. Bea was a huge presence in the shooting circle and  worked fantastically with Lucy to score the goals. Eva responded to the Holmewood team by picking up on their sneaky moves to intercept them on many occasions. My fingers are crossed for a successful season. LP


3rd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 2-5 (KS)

The 3rds VII netball team had an excellent game against Holmewood House. The girls fought hard and both teams challenged each other in both the attack and defence positions on the court but unfortunately they lost 5 - 2.  The girls played hard and well and were praised for their behaviour before and after their game.   KS


U11/10 v Holmewood House

Lost 6-11(CD)


Thursday, 21st November 2019

U10 v Copthorne

Lost 3-0

This afternoon the Under 10 team played their first match of the season. It was a great match with some very tense moments and we enjoyed the support of some parents too. Watching the match was very interesting. Most of the game was played in our attacking half and we had more shots at goal than Copthorne but our shooting just wasn't accurate enough to score. We missed Daisy, our goal shooter, who was off games. Copthorne scored one goal in each of the first three quarters. It became clear that we needed to work on spacing out, catching the ball when defending and not throwing ourselves around, leading to contact and handing over possession of the ball. We have lots to work on in training and an exciting season ahead of us! My star player today was Lydia who played fantastically in defence!    LP


Wednesday, 20th November 2019

3rd VII v Skippers Hill

Won 8-6 

The 3rds Netball had a successful game against Skippers Hill, winning 8 - 6. The girls played extremely well, in all positions of attack and defence. Their performance was absolutely amazing for their first match of the netball season. Very proud of the girls efforts, and extremely happy to say they all had fun during the game.   KS


U11/10 Netball Quadrangular V Skippers Hill, Bricklehurst Manor and Beechwood

V Skipper Hill U11 Lost 1-8

V Bricklehurst Manor U11 Lost 4-9

V Beechwood U11 Lost 1-5


Team: Mimosa, Stephanie.D, Katherine, Indya, Stephanie. J, Stephanie. M, Katia, Lydia.


The Under 11 team were really looking forward to the quadrangular to start the netball season off. It was a lovely fixture which we really enjoyed. Each game was played in seven minute halves. We play against Bricklehurst first, which was a really tough match. The girls started well and didn't give up but they were up against some very tall players so marking was tricky. We lost this match 9:4. The second match we played against Skipper's Hill was a very similar story. Spacing was an issue and the girls just couldn't get free. A little more movement was needed from the girls and this is something we will focus on in our coaching over the coming weeks. We lost this match 8:1. The final match against Beechwood was a much more successful game. The girls were the stronger team when it came to marking and this made all of the difference. We won the final match 5:1. Overall, the  two stronger teams, Skipper's Hill and Bricklehurst, came joint first. We came second, followed by Beechwood in third. I thought the girls played well. They listened to advice and improved as the afternoon went on. It was a great starting point for the season and as coaches, Miss Dean and I know exactly what we need to work on.    LP