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Wednesday, 11th March 2020

Brambletye Versatility Tournament Winners

Squad: Giada, Tara, Daisy, Amalia, Michelle, Ariel, Zadie


v Brambletye, Won 12-3

v Cottesmore, Won 13-4

v Ardingly, Won 9-5

The girls were fabulous this afternoon.  Having played several matches out of position they are all more than proficient in any position and combination.  These girls are extremely versatile netball players.  Each marked effectively, dodged efficiently, passed with precision and shot superbly.  They truely deserved their victory.   PMc

Wednesday, 4th March 2020

U13 SISNA - 3rd Place

Squad: Giada, Tara, Daisy, Amalia, Michelle, Ariel, Bea, Lucy

Section Matches

v Copthorne, Drew 7-7

v Mayfield, Won 6-3

v St Andrew’s, Won 8-2

v Christ’s Hospital, Won 9-3

v Vinehall, Drew 5-5

v Great Walstead, Won 9-8

Semi-final v Roedean, Lost 3-8

This was certainly one of the wettest and coldest days of netball with icy gusts of wind that I have attended in 30 years. By the end of the first match the girls were soaked to the skin. They were real troopers, no complaints; they just got on with each match and challenge that they needed to face with a maturity well beyond their years. They drew their first match and won the next two. We then had a long gap. During this time they were lucky enough to be provided with cake washed down with hot chocolate and/or tomato soup in a warm room. After the brief respite from the elements they headed out for their next three section matches. The weather was worse; it had to be seen to be believed. They again won two and drew one. This meant that they were through to the semi-finals. During the long and extremely wet and cold wait for the match they all huddled together looking rather like Emperor penguins near the Pole! Suddenly it was announced that the match would begin in 30 seconds. They leapt into action, but were ill-prepared and consequently lost 3-8. 

I could not be more proud of these fabulous girls; A true credit to their coach, their school and their parents!



2nd VII v Vinehall

Lost 22-18

The girls played a very competitive game today. Ashdown started the game with strength and scored the first four goals. Vinehall made a slight comeback but we ended the quarter leading by two goals. As the second quarter began, it was very clear that Vinehall were going to give their all and go for the win. They had a more successful second quarter and lead by two goals at half time. We responded again and went into the final quarter 2 goals ahead. As we were tiring and play started to get a little frantic, Vinehall took the opportunity to fight back. They took possession from our first centre pass which knocked the confidence of the Ashdown team and they continued to intercept. A few penalties given away to Vinehall in their attacking end meant that they received more opportunities to score and were very successful. It could have gone either way but Vinehall just gave a last push in the final quarter to secure the victory.     LP


3rd VII v Vinehall


U11 Triangular v Vinehall


Saturday, 29th February 2020

1st VII v Worth

Won 11-0

The 1st team played one 10 minute quarter against Worth 1st team this afternoon as it was clearly rather a mismatch. They played mature and fluid netball capitalising on all mistakes, making superb interceptions, passing accurately and shooting beautifully.    PMc


2nd VII v Worth

Won 11-5

The 2nd netball played 3 quarters of a match against Worth 1st team. Lucy and Bea were superb around the shooting circle dodging with purpose and shooting with accuracy. Sadie and Ana fed the circle efficiently ensuring that their pass reached its required destination. Nao, Dada and Tracy defended well and moved the ball from defence to attack using straight and square passes effectively. A very pleasing win from this talented squad.    PMc


3rd VII v Worth - Won 8-2

Today's match was a game with end to end action and a similar number of shots at goal. The Ashdown team had more accuracy when shooting which lead them to the win. The game was played with determination from all and was also used as a coaching opportunity for those who were new to netball from either team. Both teams put in a lot effort and showed strength, especially in the centre court. The game was not easy for Ashdown but accuracy in the shooting circle and less penalties given away meant that Ashdown took the win. LP

Wednesday, 26th February 2020

1st VII Lancing Netball Tournament - Runners-up in the tournament


Group Matches:

v Handcross Park, Won 6-2

v Brighton and Hove, Won 10-8

v St. Christopher’s, Lost 6-8

v Ardingly, Won 5-2

QUARTER FINAL v Warden Park, Won 13-3

SEMI FINAL v Cottesmore, Won 8-2

FINAL v St Christopher’s, Lost 7-8 after extra time and golden goal.  

Squad: Giada F (Cpt), Zadie MA, Tara P, Daisy W, Amalia BVW, Michelle J, Ariel J, Beatrice Y

WOW! The girls were fantastic today. They had a relatively easy win against Handcross Park, a more challenging match against Brighton and Hove, a narrow loss against St. Christopher’s and never looked in danger against Ardingly.

This put them into the quarter-final against Warden Park which was an easy victory; the semi-final against Cottesmore was won 8-2 with almost 3 minutes remaining on the clock due to a hail storm.

In the final they drew 5-5 after time, Zadie was about to take a shot when the clock ran out on us,; 2-2 after extra time with St Christopher’s having the first centre pass, again we had possession in the centre third when the whistle went. As always the golden goal produced some extraordinary netball and several loses of possession. St Christopher’s eventually sunk the winning goal after several missed shots and super tip-offs from our defence.

Daisy was awarded player of the tournament on her birthday! The girls truly deserve their success after training hard this season.  

My MVP The Ashdown 1st Squad!   PMc


U11 VII v The Mead

Won 3-1


Wednesday, 12th February 2020

1st VII v Copthorne

Won 23-22 

The girls started well but were surprised by the skill and determination of their opponents. It took Giada the first quarter to get the measure of her tall, athletic goal defence. We were lacking height in the defending circle and thus found it more than challenging to get the rebounds. By the end of the quarter we were down 2-6.

I moved Michelle to goal defence to increase our defending height and gave Amalia the job of closing down the small but feisty wing attack. Zadie began to move well in the second quarter and her shooting accuracy began to show. We took the quarter 6-4.

Going into the third quarter 2 goals down Giada really stepped up her game and Zadie passed with amazing accuracy. Daisy and Tara played the quarter of their lives dodging superbly and feeding the shooters with pin-point accuracy. Amalia gave her opponent no space thus limiting attacking options and Ariel gave no quarter in the defending circle. Michelle really began to get to grips with her opponent and learned to position herself beautifully. We won that quarter 9-5.

This allowed us to go into the final quarter 2 goals up. We held on well, although we lost the final quarter by one goal 6-7.

A superb match against superb opposition.

Most Valuable Players:  The Ashdown 1st Team          PMc


2nd VII v Copthorne

Won 13-12 (LP)


3rd VII v Copthorne

Won 19-3 

The girls played a great match against Copthorne Prep this Wednesday, all taking a turn at stepping out of their comfort zones into new positions. Eva (C), navigated the mid-court with super skill along with Leah (WD) and Katherine (WA) always being by her side. Mary (GA) and Elizabeth’s (GS) passing in the circle was wonderful to see and gained much improvement throughout the game. It was a fantastic game to end on before half term.   GP

U11/10/9 v Copthorne

Lost 6-13 (CD) 


Saturday, 8th February 2020

1st VII v Cumnor House

Won 22-8

The 1st girls continue to start slowly, the first two minutes prove rather frustrating, then they come alive and all bets were off. A little peripheral rather than tunnel vision will be our task for next week. We have a tendency to fixate on the player that we have decided to pass to, rather than glancing around for a better option.

Having said that Zadie and Giada were electric in the circle and very accurate in their shooting; Ariel and Amalia defended superbly and distributed beautifully and the centre court of Tara, Daisy and Michelle played a cohesive and inspiring game.

Most Valuable Players:  Giada and Amalia     PMc


2nd v Cumnor House

Won 27-12

I couldn’t have been more proud of the girls today and the changes they made during the match which made the difference between winning and losing.

Cumnor House started with determination and strength and led 4-2 at the end of the first quarter. During the first quarter the girls made a few mistakes which led to some negativity being shared amongst them. I noted this when we spoke at the end of the first quarter and the girls went back out with their heads held high and a change of attitude. Bea shared great sportsmanship which lifted everyone’s spirits and by half time we were leading 10-7. I pointed out that Bea’s positivity was really helping everyone to work together and the team became unstoppable. Lucy was shooting beautifully, Sadie made strong centre passes to Bea and Ana was always there to send the ball into the shooting circle. When it was needed, Tracy, Dada and Nao formed a strong defence against a competitive attacking team from Cumnor House.

The change in the girls’ attitude from the beginning to the end was terrific. They realised just by encouraging each other they could stretch their efforts as a team. I hope this gives them the confidence for future games. They are a strong team and will continue to do well if they remember they work best when they’re all sharing the positivity they showed today.         LP


3rd v Cumnor House

Lost 5-9


U11/10 v Cumnor House

Won 9-5


Wednesday, 5th February 2020

1st VII v St. Ronan’s

Won 35-13 

The girls played four minutes of a sport I have not encountered before. Defending brilliantly we kept making superb interceptions. None of these would, however, have been necessary had we kept possession when we had the ball. After this bizarre netball/ping pong we suddenly clicked into netball mode and began to play superbly. In the last 6 minutes of the quarter we made 12 superb goals to 2 from the opposition.

Out of position in the second and third quarters we continued to play good netball, if a little muddled on occasions. The limiting factor being some of the shooting, Michelle and Daisy shot well netting 9 between them, Tara and Amalia moved very well in the circle but found sinking their shots challenging.

In the final quarter we returned to our positions and won 11-2. Giada played fantastically well and Zadie shot like a lady possessed!

Most Valuable Player:  Zadie     PMc


2nd VII v St. Ronan’s

Lost 21-23 

I have never umpired a match quite as close as today's match. It was exciting from the first whistle to the last. The first quarter ended as a draw (8-8), we were one up by half time (14-13), they led by two after three quarters (18-20), and unfortunately, they managed to retain the two goal lead. The game was fast paced and well controlled but there were moments when the pace got a little out of hand and passes were made directly into the hands of the St. Ronan's team. Small errors like this cost us the win, however it could have easily gone either way. Super performances today from Ana, Sadie, Lucy, Nao and Bea. Eva was always in a great position and managed the ball well, carefully and successfully passing the ball forward every time she had possession of it. Star player today goes to Dada. Her intercepting was fantastic and she could often be seen leaping through the air. I am proud of the way the girls played today, they now need to remain positive, support each other and look forward as a team. LP


3rd VII v St. Ronan’s

Lost 7-9

The girls played a tremendous match, all displaying consistent effort, despite being down two players and without subs. Elizabeth, GS, held her shooting position well throughout the entirety of the game, scoring more than half goals. Elsa's GK defensive skills in the circle allowed the team to regain their position in the last two quarters. Mimosa(C) and Tracey (WA), equally fed the ball swiftly into the circle, leading to a final score of 7-9, Saint Ronan's taking home the win.  GP


U11/10/9  v St. Ronan’s



Saturday, 1st February 2020

1st VII v Brambletye

Won 24-13 

Missing our Captain Giada due to injury, Bea stepped up to play her first game for the 1st team. She played beautifully, in no way looking out of place. She began her campaign at WD and then had two quarters at GA, followed by another at WD. I couldn’t be more proud of her. It was wonderful that Giada watched the entire game!

In the first two quarters we played superbly well, finding space beautifully and dodging with purpose. Daisy made many good calls persuading the team to play as a cohesive unit. By half time we were 17-4 up.

In the last two quarters our play became somewhat ragged; the dodging less explosive and we seemed to forget to get in front of the opposition. The girls need to remember that regardless of the actual position they are playing, all the netball skills we have practised must be adhered to and to play our own game when in possession of the ball. 

However a good win was the outcome.

Most Valuable Player:  Tara          PMc


2nd VII v Brambletye

Won 16-13 

Our match against Brambletye was a great match. The team fought hard for the win and it was well deserved. At half-time we were one goal down with the score standing at 8-7 to Brambletye. We were struggling to make the most of our centre pass and often lost it to Brambletye. After a discussion about how to improve the centre pass the girls went back on determined to take the lead. During the third quarter we scored five goals, leading by four. We were in a good position going into the final quarter. At one point Brambletye equalised the score, however we came back again to take the final lead by three goals. Star players were Tracy, Dada and Nao who performed superbly in defence.      LP


3rd VII v Brambletye

Won 14-11 (GP/IO)


U11/10/9 v Brambletye

Lost 1-24 (CD) 


Wednesday, 29th January 2020

1st VII v Skippers Hill 

Won 18-3

It was a glorious afternoon for netball. Each girl had been given a target for the match. The girls came out of the blocks in superb fashion. Zadie and Giada moved superbly round the circle and shot well. Tara appeared gazelle like off the line to receive the centre pass; Daisy made incredible tip-offs; Michelle defended superbly; Amalia gave her opponent no room to move and Ariel intercepted with great maturity. By the end of the first quarter we were leading 8-0.

As they were doing so well I decided to give every girl at least one quarter in the shooting circle, one in the defending circle and one in the centre court to give them a true understanding of the skills required to be an all-rounder. This was very good experience. Michelle, Daisy and Ariel were superb in the attacking circle; Tara, Giada and Zadie defended brilliantly in the defending circle and Amalia was electric in the centre court. 

Most Valuable Player: Amalia and Giada        PMc


2nd VII v Skippers Hill

Won 24-6

The 2nd Netball team had a great win today and they really showed their strengths. Since the beginning of term they have come together as a team and they have also made huge improvements individually. They have played in some very close matches with teams of a similar ability, as well as some in which they have struggled to keep up or they have maintained a big lead. Today they were really awake from the moment the first whistle blew and scored eleven goals in the first quarter. They played consistently well throughout the whole match and maintained a very strong early lead. My star player today goes to Ana. Her marking was excellent and she played as goal shooter for two quarters, scoring some fantastic goals. Most of all, I am proud of the support they give each other. In particular, Bea could be heard shouting great words of encouragement throughout the game.        LP


3rd VII v Skippers Hill

Won 11-6 

The girls all played an excellent game against Skippers Hill, displaying high levels of sportsmanship and thrilling defensive skills. Pearl came away with some amazing intercepts, whilst Mimosa’s quick drives down the centre court were spectacular to see. Eva’s shooting was of the highest degree and Leah managed to have her arms over every ball. It was a wonderful game played by both teams and all the girls should be proud of their efforts.   GP


U11/10/9  VII v Skippers Hill, Won 3-0 

U11/10/9  VII v Moira House, Won 7-0 


Wednesday, 22nd January 2020

1st VII v Ardingly

Won 22-19

The girl’s had a really exciting and exhilarating match today. They were very  well-matched with Ardingly and the result could have gone either way. The first quarter was extremely equal as each team found its rhythm. We went into the second quarter 5-4 up. During the second quarter we were surprised and put on the back foot by the superb close marking and speed of reaction from our opposition. The quarter put us back to 8-10.

At half time I reminded the girls of the drills we had done on Monday regarding change of direction and getting in front of their player. We also had position swaps to increase height in the defending circle. This worked like a dream and we took the quarter 7-2.

The final quarter was a draw as Ardingly moved their girls round and we had different opposition to face.

Most Vaulable Player:  Giada was magnificent, Michelle moved beautifully in the circle and Zadie defended like  a dream.    PMc


2nd VII v Ardingly 

Lost 8 - 19

Ardingly started the game well, scoring four goals in the first quarter. We were slightly panicked by this but a strong defence from Nao, Dada, Tracy and Sadie kept them from scoring too many goals. In the second quarter we caught up slightly scoring four goals, whilst they scored two more, leaving them two ahead at half-time. At this point the Ardingly team just came alive and scored goal after goal. We couldn't keep up with the frantic pace so Ardingly took a big lead which unsettled our play. We were often pulled up for obstruction and contact which is something we will work to improve over the coming training sessions. LP


3rd VII v Ardingly (GP/IO)

Won 11 - 2


U11 v Ardingly

Won 8 - 6

I came to this match slightly unsure what was going to happen.  We had been a bit flat last match and the one before had played spectacularly.  I was hopeful to get the spectacular team!  

I was not disappointed - hurrah!  The girls were on form again today and Stephanie D and Stephanie M had both scored by the time the first quarter was over.  I shared a hopeful look at our parents gathered watching - we were leading - we all wondered - could this be our match?

I really must single out India BB - we know we have some very talented players and they deserve congratulating, however India has really seriously improved and she has shown some fantastic game play recently - it has been wonderful to watch her blossom into a skillful player.  Apart from the odd off side as she was not used to her position, she really was excellent - well done India!

We went into the third quarter 7-5 up and I have to say - I was hopeful - the looks exchanged with the parents on the sideline were more and more of hope and promise as we all tried to remain calm.  The girls clearly felt none of the nerves we did and were playing their socks off.  Ardingly scored (horrors - they surely couldn't take our win from us now - could they?).

Again the nerves I felt were not shared by the girls as they calmly and quietly got the ball and Stephanie sunk it to make the game pretty much a forgone conclusion.  I have to say I was delighted when I got to blow the final whistle and confirm our win.  I haven't mentioned each girl individually as they were all heroic, they were a team not individuals and that is why they won. 

I was so proud of them for taking the win and I hope this is the start of us coming in to winning form.  Triangular away next time - this could be our season - we have a point to prove.

Captain - Lydia, Girl of the game - Indya    CD


Saturday, 17th January 2020

1st VII v Holmewood House

Won 32-8 (PMc)

The girls were on superb form today in the glorious winter sunshine. In position in the first two quarters they were unstoppable and had posted a score of 19-5 by the half time whistle.

Consequently I moved them for the third quarter to give them the opportunity to increase their skills in a match situation in another position; Tara and Ariel were in the defending circle; Zadie, Amalia and Giada in the centre court and Michelle and Daisy in the shooting circle. The girls took on their new positions and made them their own, we won the quarter 10-3. During this quarter Daisy and Michelle were an incredible pairing in the circle.

For the final quarter every girl moved again to gain more experience; Zadie and Daisy were in the defending circle; Michelle, Giada and Ariel in the centre court and Tara and Amalia in the attacking circle. Again the girls played well although the new line up was less effective with a 3-0 win in the quarter.

Most Valuable Players: Michelle and Daisy for their work in the attacking circle. PMcC


2nd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 17-26 

Having played Holmewood House early in the netball season and losing 22-21 we had high hopes for another close match. With changes to our team over the term and a member of the team off games some of the girls were playing in new and demanding positions. At the end of the first half we were losing 20-7 and it played out tougher than expected. During the first half we didn't quite match the feistiness of the opposing team and needed to give a little more. With this in mind, the girls went out and scored ten more goals during the second half but it wasn't quite the match for the additional six that Holmewood scored. I was pleased with the teams' reaction to the need to play with more effort and we will bear in mind that this needs to be from the first quarter next time. During the second half every member of the team gave much more effort and they were a better match for the Holmewood team. We need to work on marking and getting in front of the opposing player next week. My star player today was Eva. She stepped into goal shooter at the last minute and performed well. She started off less confident from a further distance but when I pointed out that she was not getting any closer to the goal or she was losing possession when she passed back before shooting, she had a shot everytime she received the ball and scored with almost every shot, sometimes from quite a distance. LP


3rd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 6-11 (GP/IO)


U11/10/9 v Holmewood House

Lost 1-10

A glorious summer day greeted the start of the game.  After the way we had played against Cottesmore I had high hopes for great things.  As the whistle went for the first quarter I took great delight in watching the game play, until I realised - our girls just didn't have quite the same sparkle today as last weekend. It was hard to watch them just drop the catches that last week they would have caught, pass the ball just slightly to slowly to have it intercepted.  By the end of the first quarter we were 4 down and it was only thanks to some stylish goalkeeping we weren't somewhat worse off.  

Countless times I have said that I am not a competitive coach - all I want is stylish, fair, within the rules game play.  If the best they have isn't enough on the day - that's fine - enjoy it.  I do have to say it was immensely frustrating to watch as the poor girls just couldn't get it together and play like last week, I felt for them - it wasn't for the lack of effort.

Stephanie M scored a goal to ensure that we had an entry on the scoreboard, Lydia played heroically, Pearl stopped so many goals I lost count, Indya was everywhere on court, Katia, India, Tiffany and Daisy provided a solid midfield.  Stephanie D when on court provided someone to pass to, Daisy stepped in when she came of with a previous injury.  The girls played well, but not quite to the magical level of last week.  

I am now and always will be proud of my team - they never give up - they jolly nearly scored one in the closing minutes of the game - with that spirit and when on top form we will soon be unbeatable.  I think we all need to work on finding space and passing more strongly.  I look forward to our next match - we have a point to prove.

As ever thanks to the parents on the sidelines shouting us on and offering me a friendly supportive glance during particularly harrowing moments of gameplay. 

Captain - Stephanie M

Girl of the game - Indya


Wednesday, 15th January 2020

1st VII v Brighton Lower School

Won 25-12 

Another slightly slow start from our girls today, our passing was a little erratic, the dodging required some tightening and the accuracy of the shooting was a little off (4-2). In the second quarter we rectified these things and played superbly winning 9-2.

Brighton came back fighting in the third quarter, with some sensible position swaps they dominated and won the quarter 6-3. Another quick team talk ensured that we played our own style of netball in the last quarter and really turned things around. 

Most Valued Player:  Giada                   PMc


2nd VII  v Brighton Lower School

Won 26-13 

The 2nd VII Netball team played very well today and showed off what they had learnt in the training sessions this week. Brighton made a strong start scoring two goals in the first few minutes. Ashdown responded to this, caught up and had the lead by the end of the first quarter (5-3). They managed to retain their lead throughout, at half-time they were winning 12-6. Brighton made some changes to their team and had a really strong third quarter which finished at 17-13 to Ashdown. At this point we discussed that in previous matches Ashdown have played quite frantically in the final quarter which results in many mistakes being made. I also explained that Brighton had a very strong third quarter scoring more goals than us. They refocused themselves and went out with determination. Moments later something quite magical happened and they scored goal after goal for the final ten minutes. There were times when the game became a little too fast paced but they encouraged each other and played very well. I was very impressed by the performance of Nao (GK) and Dada (GD). They had the most fantastic game and could be seen jumping for the ball and making many interceptions. Bea was the star player today. She has always been a strong player on the team, working closely with Lucy in the attacking circle but today she was unstoppable. She was always in the right place and her shooting was very accurate. It was the best I have seen her play. Well done to the whole team. A great game today showing teamwork and sportsmanship.           LP


3rd VII v Brighton Lower School

Won 12-0

Saturday, 11th January 2020

1st VII v Cottesmore

Won 19-10 

Our girls were rather slow to start today. Admittedly it was slippery underfoot, but they expected that and had been asked to play short passes and watch their centre of gravity as they dodged. Ariel was electric against her extremely tall goal shooter. She is fearless and nothing fazes her. Possession was squandered regularly at the start. We were 5-4 up at the end of the quarter.

The second and third quarters were a totally different game. We were on point and ran away with the second 4-0 and the third 7-3. Tara did not put a foot wrong; Michelle passed forwards; Amalia was in exactly the right place; Daisy began to track her player; Giada got the measure of her athletic and tall defender and Zadie began to command the circle.

The score was a draw in the 4th quarter as Cottesmore put their best player to goal keeper. Other than the rather messy first quarter a super first game of the term.

Most Valued Players: Ariel and Tara             PMc


2nd VII v Cottesmore

Lost 21-25 

The girls had a strong start to the season before Christmas and went into this game with a positive attitude and high hopes. The play was strong throughout the match and it could have gone either way for both teams. At the end of the first quarter Ashdown were behind by two goals (7-5), at half-time they were behind by one goal (12-11) and after three quarters they were behind by two goals (19-17). Despite being behind at the end of every quarter the score was often level and Ashdown were ahead on a few occasions. With all to play for in the final quarter, play was frantic and messy from both teams. This was rather off-putting and unfortunately Ashdown didn't keep up. A high standard of play was seen from Sadie (C), Bea (GA) and Lucy (GS). I was impressed with the tactics that the girls had picked up from training with Mrs McCarthy in the week. They were passing well and Tracy often lept to the square position, receiving and passing the ball successfully. It was a game which pushed both teams but unfortunately didn't go our way today. Priorities for training next week will include marking and quick decision making.                    LP


3rd VII v Cottesmore

Won 14-12


U11/10/9 VII v Cottesmore

Lost 6-9 

I have to be honest and say that I was not looking forward to this match.  Last time we played was against this team and it had not been a happy hunting ground with our scoreline best forgotten.  That combined with the fact that my rather stylish Ashdown kit had clearly shrunk in the wash over Christmas led to me starting the match in a rather somber mood.

I soon lost this melancholy when I realised that the girls were on spectacular form and clearly were out to prove a point. Cottesmore were still a very strong team and we went down 4-1 in the first quarter.  The cheering from the sidelines at Stephanie D's opening goal was spectacular.  The parents too sensed that we were playing well and could just take it.  Unfortunately we lost Katia to a finger injury which was a shame as she was playing fantastically, Daisy stepped into the position really well - more on this shortly!

The second quarter I do have to offer a massive shout out to Pearl - in her first match and as goalkeeper (she had been practicing as a shooter most of the lead up to the match, but she proved to be handy in both positions).  There was a serenity that fell on our team as Pearl kept halting the Cottesmore charge, Indya as ever seemed to be everywhere on court, Lydia was a really spectacular goal defence and Stephanie J was demonstrating her recent run of top form.  Stephane D and Stephanie M both managed to sneak one past the Cottesmore team and we went into half time down 6-3.  

The third quarter the girls were all nothing short of inspirational - the match suddenly upped a gear and the play was something really quite special.  Daisy just got free time and again and was in position for the girls to pass to.  Stephanie M and Stephanie D both scored again (Stephanie M twice) and suddenly at the end of the 3rd quarter it was only one goal we trailed by.  I actually don't think its possible to explain the atmosphere. I am a huge believer in sport being fun and not over competitive at the girls' age.  We want them to enjoy and have fun, not be stressed by it, however this became a match we could win against a team we knew were good.  

We went into the final quarter and it really was anyone's game, the ball went up and down the court with gameplay of an exceptional standard.  I cannot single any one player out as all of them just excelled.  Sadly and it really was bad luck rather than poor play that, in amongst all the tennis like travel of the ball up and down the court, the Cottesmore players managed to get 2 past the impressive Pearl.  Final score 6-9 - but trust me - if you weren't there - the score does not explain how close and indeed how well played the match was.

The Cottesmore coach came to me after and commented "wow your girls have really come on - what a fab team - they played so well today"

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Girl of the Game:  India B-B

Captain: Katia                           CD

Saturday, 7th December 2019

1st VII v Cottesmore

Won 27-15

The girls began superbly today. Ariel was incredible against an extremely tall goal shooter. She held her position brilliantly and made some unbelievable interceptions. Amalia was also on top form. Her centre passes were superb and she defended like a girl possessed. The centre court of Michelle, Daisy and Tara were marked hard and had to think on their feet in order to find space and to outwit their opponents. A few more square passes would have helped considerably. These would have altered the run of play and opened up our attack.

Giada was electric against a very competent and extremely tall defender. It was a lovely battle to watch and to her great credit she won the majority of their tussles. Zadie was on form and shot some beautiful goals from way outside her comfort zone.

It was good to have a comfortable lead after the first quarter, 8-3 and second quarter 8-4 as Cottesmore refused to give up and came back fighting in the third and fourth quarter only losing each of these by 2 and 1 goals respectively.

It is impossible to pick out one player today, but Ariel‘s determination and skill against her 6 foot player was a sight to behold.  PMc


2nd VII v Cottesmore

Won 23-13

Team: Cristina, Ana, Bea, Lucy, Eva, Dada, Elsa

Having played two very different matches previously, it has been difficult to understand how their ability compares to other teams of their age group. After each match the team have left me with a deep sense of pride. They are so friendly and caring towards each other and gel amazingly well as a team. They have found their strongest position on the court and the sportsmanship between them is wonderful. Even when playing out of position, they hold their heads high and put their all into the job with some fantastic results. Today they started really well, winning the first quarter 8-3 and by half-time they had leaped ahead, with a score of 17-8. We decided as a team to make one change. Eva (GD) and Lucy (GS) swapped positions. Lucy was playing superbly but it gave Eva the chance to develop her skills as an attacking player and add to her goal scoring tally. She took some time adjusting to the role but she scored three goals, and with an additional two from Bea, the score was at 21-9 with one quarter left to play. In the Final quarter Lucy and Eva swapped back and Dada (WD) swapped with Cristina (C). Dada was nervous about stepping into the role but she played well and lots of praise could be heard from the sideline. The girls shone as a talent team today and they weren't phased by some fantastic marking from Cottesmore. A huge well done. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds after the Christmas break.             LP


3rd VII v Cottesmore

Lost 6-15


U11 VII v Cottesmore

Lost 6-20 


Saturday, 30th November 2019

1st VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 31-4 

Today we played against Christ’s Hospital U12A team. Our girls were on fire. In the first quarter, whilst in position, we won 14-0. This was a superb opportunity to improve the versatility of our players, whilst keeping the match alive and vibrant.

In the next three quarters every girl had the opportunity to play in the shooting circle, centre court and defence. I am delighted to report that they each took up the challenge. Everyone scored at least one goal, defended with tenacity and moved round the centre court beautifully. Tara and Daisy were particularly spectacular when they played together in the shooting circle scoring ten goals between them. Amalia’s movement around the shooting circle is also to be commended

This was a very positive experience not only for our girls but also for the opposition.

Most Valuable Player Daisy             PMcC


2nd VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 16-0 

After a challenging last match, the girls really showed just how strong they are against Christ's Hospital. It was a very one sided match but I must give credit to the Christ's Hospital team who did not give up at any point. At the end of the first quarter Ashdown were winning 8-0. For the remainder of the match the girls played in positions they are not used to. They all adapted well and the star player for me was Eva, scoring six goals.         LP


3rd VII v Christ’s Hospital

Won 10-3

We were playing against Christ Hospital and we all enjoyed it a lot. There were a couple of injuries that happened throughout the game because of the slippery court but we all carried on playing like nothing happened. Indya got the player of the match, and the score was 10 – 3, with us winning. We (the team) all had a lot of fun. Also a quick shout out to a few members of the team for having great sportsmanship and filling in for the other team when they needed another player.

written by Elizabeth H  


Wednesday, 27th November 2019

1st VII v Holmewood House

Won 24-7 

The girls were extremely excited to be beginning their netball season today. Even the heavy rain could not dampen their spirits. We began slowly and a little erratically; flashes of brilliance were followed errors.

The first quarter ended 4-2. Giada really stepped up her game in the second quarter and leading by example the rest slowly fell into line. Ariel defended well but needs to work on her distribution. Amalia began to learn and showed signs of mastering the goal defence position. Michelle made remarkable progress during the course of the game to start her netball career off with a bang. Daisy’s work rate was superb and Tara was always free. Zadie moved well round the circle but was frustrated by her accuracy today. We took the second quarter 6-0.

 In the third quarter I moved a few people round, Amalia into GS, Zadie into GD, Ariel into WD and Michelle into GK. The result was 5-3. In the last quarter back in position we won 8-2. A super first match of the season.

Most Valuable Player: Giada             PMc


2nd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 21-22 (LP)

Team: Lucy, Bea, Ana, Cristina, Dada, Eva, Sadie

Today the Ashdown House 2nd VII Netball team played their first match of the season. I was really impressed with the sportsmanship they showed towards each other and towards Holmewood. It was a fantastic match and could have been won by either team. The scores after each quarter show just how close it was:

1st quarter HH 5 : AH 5

2nd quarter HH 10 : AH 11

3rd quarter HH 16 : AH 16

Final score HH 22 : AH 21

Throughout the game neither team led by more than three goals at any point.  It was twenty-one all when the final centre pass was taken, with thirty seconds left on the clock. At this moment, Holmewood responded and they got the final goal. I really enjoyed umpiring the game and felt the tension all the way through. Each girl on the Ashdown team played well and they all had shining moments. Star players were Bea in attack and Eva in defence. Bea was a huge presence in the shooting circle and  worked fantastically with Lucy to score the goals. Eva responded to the Holmewood team by picking up on their sneaky moves to intercept them on many occasions. My fingers are crossed for a successful season. LP


3rd VII v Holmewood House

Lost 2-5 (KS)

The 3rds VII netball team had an excellent game against Holmewood House. The girls fought hard and both teams challenged each other in both the attack and defence positions on the court but unfortunately they lost 5 - 2.  The girls played hard and well and were praised for their behaviour before and after their game.   KS


U11/10 v Holmewood House

Lost 6-11(CD)


Thursday, 21st November 2019

U10 v Copthorne

Lost 3-0

This afternoon the Under 10 team played their first match of the season. It was a great match with some very tense moments and we enjoyed the support of some parents too. Watching the match was very interesting. Most of the game was played in our attacking half and we had more shots at goal than Copthorne but our shooting just wasn't accurate enough to score. We missed Daisy, our goal shooter, who was off games. Copthorne scored one goal in each of the first three quarters. It became clear that we needed to work on spacing out, catching the ball when defending and not throwing ourselves around, leading to contact and handing over possession of the ball. We have lots to work on in training and an exciting season ahead of us! My star player today was Lydia who played fantastically in defence!    LP


Wednesday, 20th November 2019

3rd VII v Skippers Hill

Won 8-6 

The 3rds Netball had a successful game against Skippers Hill, winning 8 - 6. The girls played extremely well, in all positions of attack and defence. Their performance was absolutely amazing for their first match of the netball season. Very proud of the girls efforts, and extremely happy to say they all had fun during the game.   KS


U11/10 Netball Quadrangular V Skippers Hill, Bricklehurst Manor and Beechwood

V Skipper Hill U11 Lost 1-8

V Bricklehurst Manor U11 Lost 4-9

V Beechwood U11 Lost 1-5


Team: Mimosa, Stephanie.D, Katherine, Indya, Stephanie. J, Stephanie. M, Katia, Lydia.


The Under 11 team were really looking forward to the quadrangular to start the netball season off. It was a lovely fixture which we really enjoyed. Each game was played in seven minute halves. We play against Bricklehurst first, which was a really tough match. The girls started well and didn't give up but they were up against some very tall players so marking was tricky. We lost this match 9:4. The second match we played against Skipper's Hill was a very similar story. Spacing was an issue and the girls just couldn't get free. A little more movement was needed from the girls and this is something we will focus on in our coaching over the coming weeks. We lost this match 8:1. The final match against Beechwood was a much more successful game. The girls were the stronger team when it came to marking and this made all of the difference. We won the final match 5:1. Overall, the  two stronger teams, Skipper's Hill and Bricklehurst, came joint first. We came second, followed by Beechwood in third. I thought the girls played well. They listened to advice and improved as the afternoon went on. It was a great starting point for the season and as coaches, Miss Dean and I know exactly what we need to work on.    LP