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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Under 10 vs Cottesmore

Won 13-12.5

On arrival at Cottesmore this afternoon we thought the match would be cancelled due to the rain that was coming in heavier as we neared the rounders pitch. Luckily, Cottesmore had a back up plan to use the indoor space. Although it is quite small, we put together an adapted rounders pitch and played with a tennis ball. The girls were pleased we were able to play.

At the end of the first innings the score was seven all. In the second innings Cottesmore scored five and a half and Ashdown scored six. It was a very close match played well by both teams. The Ashdown team fielded particularly well getting three of the Cottesmore team out in each innings. Stephanie.D bowled beautifully and took on the role of leading the rest of the fielding team from the centre of the pitch. Bailey and Indya worked as a great team on and near second post and were well backed up by India and Scarlet. Belle and Katia had a good impact on the fielding by fourth post, stopping some full rounders being scored. Stephanie.M played as back stop and today her throwing was more accurate than it has been before.

The rounders we scored by Bailey (4.5),

Indya (3.5), Stephanie.D (2), Belle (2), Katia (1) and Stephanie.M (0.5).

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Rounders V Copthorne
2nd Won 22½ - 11½

We were put in to bat first in this 30 good ball match. The girls had listened to instructions and followed them to the letter. We slowly built up an extremely good score of 12 rounders. Our first fielding innings was equally impressive. Alisa bowled well and Giada backstopped like a professional. Lucy, Teresa and Tracy had fantastically safe hands on 1st, 2nd and 4th posts. Amalia leapt about stopping every ball that came her way off 3rd post. Our deeps; Delilah, Sadie and Ines were alert and quickly got each ball back to the posts. Teresa caught out two and stumped out a further two batsman. Giada and Lucy dismissed two at 1st post; Giada caught out one player and Lucy dismissed another with great speed of reaction. Tracy also stumped a player at 4th post. With efficient fielding we held Copthorne to 4 rounders. 

In the 2nd batting innings we scored a further 10½ rounders. Many positions were moved for the 2nd fielding innings. Giada and Alisa shared bowler and off 3rd; Delilah took on 1st post; Sadie played an efficient backstop; Nao became 4th post and Amalia, Elsa and Lucy became deeps. We dismissed most of Copthorne’s players, catches were taken by Giada X2, Alisa and Teresa and stumpings by Delilah and Teresa X3. Copthorne made 7½ rounders in this innings.
Top Batsmen today were Alisa 4½ , Giada 4, Amalia 3, Teresa 2 ½ , Delilah 2, Elsa and Lucy 1 apiece and Tracy and Ines ½ each.
MVP Batting Giada and Alisa, Fielding Teresa

U10/9/8 - Won 19.5 - 16

A high scoring game on a beautifully warm and sunny day. It was a delight to coach Miss Pugh's well-trained team this afternoon and they worked hard to secure a victory against a competent Copthorne side.

Ashdown opened the batting and Stephanie D was quick to score a rounder off the first ball. This strong start gave the team confidence and they made sensible decisions to slowly build a total. Copthorne used some mature tactics such as stumping out at first with a delivery from the backstop and stumping out at 3rd and 4th posts. The girls were quick to adapt and they maintained their concentration so to maximise on every opportunity. After thirty good-balls, Ashdown had scored 10 rounders. Ashdown's fielding was largely controlled by Stephanie D, Stephanie M, Indya and Bailey. The girls communicated brilliantly although, at times, they would have been wise to focus on stopping the live batsman. Copthorne managed to score 6 before being stumped all out at the box with one ball left.

The second innings followed very much the same but Copthorne were more powerful with the bat and thanks to two excellent players, they nearly doubled their total. Luckily, our fielders were also on super form and they attacked the innings with energy and determination. Accurate deliveries from Stephanie M to Indya at a backwards hit and some nifty footwork by Bailey proved crucial.

A close result in the end but a well-deserved victory for the U10/9/8 girls.

Batting statistics: Bailey 5.5, Stephanie D. 3, Indya 2.5, Stephanie M. 1.5, India B-B 1.5 and Belle 0.5.

Stephanie D was nominated batsman of the game for her brave running and Bailey was nominated fielder of the game for her AMAZING high catch. (VM)