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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

Thursday, 5th November 2019

Swimming Gala v Cottesmore

Cottesmore A - 200

Ashdown A - 123

Cottesmore B - 120

Ashdown B - 46

This was a lovely gala. Several new swimmers were drafted in as spaces left by those off sick needed to be filled. These plucky children stepped up and gave of their very best at extremely short notice.

Twenty three swimmers beat their personal best times. Races were won by India X2, Roca, Katia, Torsten, Freddie DH, the U10 medley relay team of Rafe, Katia, Torsten and Felix and the U9 front crawl relay team of Albie, Andrey, India and Freddie DH.

Well done everyone!      PMc

Tuesday, 12th November 2019

Swimming Gala V St. Ronan’s

St Ronan’s A 137

St Ronan’s B 129

Ashdown A 124

Ashdown B 54


Today’s gala was swum beautifully by all concerned.

Many Ashdown personal bests were broken.

IM: - Freddie, Torsten, Stephanie, Edward, Harrison, Tara and Lucy

Backstroke: - Kit, Indya, Leah and Amalia

Breaststroke: - William, Ana, Zadie and Massimo

Frontcrawl: - Nemo, Arty, Harrison and Massimo


Race winners were  Harrison X2, Felix, Bea, Katia, Ana, Massimo X2, the U12 F/C Relay team of Hunter, Edward, Bea and Harrison and the U13 F/C relay team of Khalel, Tara, Miro and Massimo.   PMc

Thursday 30th May

Swimming Gala V Brambletye

Brambletye A 188

Ashdown A 180

Ashdown B 112


The gala against Brambletye was a really close competition. Ashdown were leading by 4 points at the end of the medley relays. The scores were tied after the U9 front crawl relay. Brambletye took the lead after the U11 front crawl relay and maintained it during the final three races.

The Ashdown swimmers who won their races were:

Individual Medley: Harvey N, Ines G and Alex D

Back crawl: Indya E, Kent H

Breast stroke: Mimosa B, Harrison McC, Ines G, Dahiru W

Butterfly: Indya E, Tara P, Alex D

Front Crawl: Harvey N and Hamish H

Medley relay: U10, U12

Front crawl relay: U12

The Ashdown swimmers broke 33 personal best records during the meet. These were:-

Individual Medley: Stephanie D, Harvey N, Ines G and Alex D

Back Crawl: Rafe B-B, Edward F, Tara P, Tom C, India B-B, Bea Y and Kent H

Breast stroke: Belle L, Elizabeth H, Massimo S-W, Bailey E, Harrison McC and Ines G

Butterfly: Bailey E, Indya E, Hunter E, Sasha M, Kent H, India B-B, Stephanie D and Alex D

Front crawl: Rafe B-B, Nemo W, Harrison McC, Massimo S-W, Hamish H, Freddie D, Miro W and Dahiru W


It was extremely exciting to watch the competition between Alex D and the swimmer from Brambletye in the U13 Individual medley and butterfly races. This competition pushed Alex to beat the school record in both events. They now stand at 46.24 and 21.32.

Thank you to our Starter Josh Duarte, Team Marshall Victoria Mason and our Scorers Jade Lefebvre and Sam Hirst for their efficiency in completing this huge gala in one hour!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Swimming Gala V St. Ronan’s

St. Ronan’s B 120 

Ashdown A 115

St. Ronan’s A 118

Ashdown A 115

It is always a delight to host St.Ronan’s. It was a really super gala. Every swimmer gave of their very best.

Ashdown’s individual swimmers broke 17 personal best times out of a possible 38 with the rest coming very close to their times.

Race winners today were:-

U10 IM Harvey Nolan

U9 Backstoke Rafe Boyes Burrough

U11 Backstroke Beatrice Yorke

U11 Breaststroke Tabitha Brewer

U9 Butterfly India Boyes Burrough

U10 Frontcrawl Harvey Nolan

U9 Medley Relay Team  (Rafe BB, Torsten T, India BB, Freddie D)

U12 medley Relay Team (Zadie MA, Ines G, Tara P, Miro W)

U10 Frontcrawl Relay Team (Nemo W, Mimosa B, Stephanie D, Harvey N)

A huge thank you to Chris Clarke (Team Manager), Miss Kate (Scorer) and Louise Pugh (Starter and place judge).